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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Text-based, you say?

We meet again, people.  Well, I have a lot to talk about on this one new thing.

Introducing... Idk what's it gonna be called!~~~

Ever since yesterday, I've been working furiously at a Python-based text game.  I don't know what to call it yet, though.  You mainly navigate through text boxes (typing in what you want to do).  It involves classes, battle, that kind of thing...You know, sorta like DragonFable?

Sample snippet of code!
redeem=raw_input("Type in your code here.")
if redeem==MWOGviewer:
     print "You have recieved the Ice Sword for viewing my blog!"
Hint, hint.


Correction about last ED post.  The Delta Knight is actually a seasonal.  So I went and put it up on the forums, next thing I know, people are saying that it's an ultra because...milestone, first armor promo since founder, etc...until I crash the party by saying that it's actually a seasonal.  (Master Volcon agrees.)

Oh, yes.  About rolling in the Variumz.  ReconnaisX currently has 9518 Artix Points, all from offers.  And there are a few more offers that have been reported to customer service staff...You see where I'm going?



So today, the rest of my family went out for dinner, leaving me home.  Why?  I asked for it. 
While they were gone, I met up with a friend online via Gmail Chat to try and set up a Minecraft server.  Result?  Unsuccessful.  First, I did it the old-fashioned (at least for me) way, downloading the files, putting the files into a folder, and then finally going to the Server properties, where I turned "online-mode" to "false".  Just a little snack guys (+1 if you get the reference)  problem...Online mode to false.  So my friend couldn't connect.  The computer wouldn't take the alpha server.  So yeah, we screwed up.  And that whole thing wasted an hour of our lives.  A whole hour.

Video Section~~


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