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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aurum Blade: How to beat the Goblin Lord
Hello everyone.  Happy Saturday the 14th!
I've put together a little walkthrough on Aurum Blade on how to defeat the Goblin Lord.
First- when I beat the Goblin Lord, I was playing as Allen.  I'm not sure if different characters have different skill trees, but whatever.
**********SPOILERS BEGIN HERE**********
In a certain room on the Refuge of the Flame, the fifteenth floor, your character finds Gordon and Celty.  They eventually teleport via Jump Circle.  As you'd guess already, you're supposed to follow them.

So then you take the Jump Circle and you end up in a tiny, enclosed area.  Great.  Just great.  A cutscene then happens in which Gordon uses an imperfect Philosopher's Stone and ends up as the boss, the level 50 Goblin Lord.  (How goblins are related to this whole mess, I don't know.)
Anyway, with that, you plunge into the boss fight.  Now I shall discuss how to beat Gordon/Goblin Lord.

As for health, Gordon has the regular sort of health you'd expect from a boss- meaning that he's got a ton of it.  But you should of expected that already.  For attacks, "Gordon the Goblin" has three:

1) He shoots some kind of purple laser.  During the battle, you start off in the lowest section of the island thingy, putting you at a disadvantage.  He moves horizontally during this attack.
2) He takes his mace and starts swinging it, like he's berserk.  This is a short range attack, so if you need help avoiding it, get out of range.  Oh yeah- he moves while he's attacking, vertically.
3) Gordon the Goblin takes his sword and points it up (what else?), making this bunch of energy things that remind me of Allen's Dagger Chaser shoot in all directions.  This attack is very weak.  While the others hit 150's on my character (wondering what level I was?  Refer to above picture), this attack hit 1's.

For defense, your character should have level-appropriate gear.  (Just use the normal level 45 helmet, not your legendary level 5 one.)  Put crystals in your gear and enchant it if you can.  Just the regular stuff- your regular setup that does not fail on a regular basis.

You should always summon your Blade(s).  I used my Iron Blades for this one, but the choice is up to you.  For example, if you use a lot of active skills, you should use a Stone Blade- they pay for themselves.

Good luck.  I know I didn't help you all that much.  But remember to keep calm and get behind Gordon the Goblin.

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