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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Dropper: Level 1: Madness

Well, here I am again, after surviving Level 1.
The way Madness as built using glowstone and glass to form a spiral staircase really looks nice.  Also, the fact that the staircase was spiral and that I was falling down (as in down) confused me and screwed up my usual Minecraft reaction.  All in all, a great beginning level.
In one of the water holes you can land in at the end, there is a chest.  Open it, and there's a diamond.  Just take it.  You don't need them to win the game.  Just take it.
I'm ready for Level 2 (Fall) now.
PS: Oh, and I also like the Dropper's checkpoint system, in which retracted pistons reveal the hallway to the first drop.  Very nice system.  That way, I can visit my pet pigs. (Bigre included 9 Spawn Pigs in a chest at the beginning.  I think it's for food.  But I like pigs.)

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