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Monday, October 1, 2012

MQ's Fifth Birthday!

Hey guys!  I have finally come back from the depths of inactivity!  And you have to remember this is just because of a certain tweet by Maegwyn on Twitter.  Something about MQ's Fifth Birthday.  That was enough to get me to log back in after around a few months of no MQ.  I tweeted that, and she favorited it.  But whatever.  Off topic.
At the moment, I'm supposed to be doing homework, but like any other respectable Level 999 Procrastinator, I'm not doing my homework.  I'm doing this. (My god, I'm off topic again.)
Every year on its birthday, MQ offers a special mecha.  This special mecha is usually earned by merging Silver or Gold Tokens (Silver for nonSC, Gold for SC) with a basic starter mech to create this awesome badass mech.  This year, you have to merge your tokens with a Newbatron.  And I mean V1.
Now, how to get the tokens?  Actually, I should start at how do I get to the celebration?
Simple! You just ride Tek's Floor-something-or-other (the one that's always "broken").  Once a year at this time, it works.  Every year.  Every time.
Now, the Floorivator (something like that) will take you under Tek's Mechs to the party.  From there, you can (at least this year):
1) Listen to an NPC concert.  I don't.  It's boring.
2) Go to teh party.  Cake party, to be specific.
3) Get your tokens.  More on this down below.
4) Merge your mechs.
5) Get starship items (SC only).

If you're a first-timer, you've probably never played Scrap's Delight.  It's this sweet (literally) minigame inside MQ.  It shows up once a year at a time you've probably already guessed by now. 
You need to play this game and get a certain score in order to obtain tokens.  The objective of the game is to eat everything except the fish, which lowers Scrap's (as in your mech's) health.  The challenge is that the more Scrap eats, the bigger she gets.
One note on the tokens: THEY OCCUPY MECH SLOTS.

About the mechas:
The Mechas you get from merging this year (Gift-Wrapped series) is pretty good.  In my opinion, the attacks are overpowered (which means good in our case- this isn't EpicDuel).  However, the art is- well- how much effort was put into that?


I've played MQ for a long time.  I've seen its second birthday, in fact.
PS: Time for me to get back to homework.

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