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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finishing Chronotide- A Bunch of Photos

*Contains Pictures*
Hey all.  It's been a long day Minecraft-wise.  I was finishing Chronotide and breaking a whole lot of rules.
So I came back to the ruins of Wintertide.
They won't mind if I loot their house, right?
Fire Cannon!
Button Decorating
The big moment...
Running back with my hard-earned Jack O Lantern.

The sewers...
Spiders, maybe?
It should be a bit obvious what to do with this door...
Joe's got that feeling...
Joe's place.  Real fancy.
Is this the lever place?
What's this?
Yeah, that seems to be happening a lot around here.
Piston at work?
After some careful excavation...
Welcome to Developerland.
Messing with the Dispensers in Devland.
Red light?
Breaking rules...literally.
What's that?
I'm on a boat.
A fishing hook can break a boat?
Back up the chute.
Don't ask how I got that one.
Target spotted.
Wha?  This looks familiar.
Holy sh*t!
 Why so many Crafting Tables near each other? #convenience
 What a bed.
 Jenny herself of Jenny's Perfumery!
Dang, real optimistic.
 Precious stuff!
 Dentists across USA agree.
 Technically, it should work.
Note the villager in the left.  These guys appear and disappear throughout all parts of the game.
 From the Suits Emporium.
 Changing rooms?

 That's real nice of you to say.
 The Euro Symbol!
 Not so secure anymore.
 Fate is in my bucket!
 Is that supposed to say "Die" too?

 No doubt there.
 Back security measures.
 The culprit is found!
 Note: The lever did not work.
 So I had to craft a pressure plate.
 The pumpkin!
 I wish I had made a Iron Pickaxe now.
 Another plate for the way back.
 Had to break and enter.  Sorry.

 I thought it wasn't nice to read diaries.

 Check out my gold boots.

 Woah there.
 Note the book for a head.

 A rose for her memory.
 Oh wow, thanks.
 Here it is!
 Another "body".

 Grave robbing.
 He died fighting zombies with a bow and arrow.  And his head is a book.
 How to read a head.
 The stupid solution.

 My old arrows.
 Broke the water barrier.
 RIP Porky.
 I'm in DevLand again.
 LOLOLOL I dug into the Nirgal!
 How I got through.
 Don't fall off, don't fall off.
 Changing to Creative.  Finally.
 From the top of the Chrono Crystal.
 Great picture.

 Does not look good.  Does not look good.
 This does not look like the End.
 The repaired Chrono Crystal.
There were a lot of well-crafted buildings out there.

At the end of the game, a dispenser was supposed to spawn a lot of villagers resembling citizens of the city.  However, I broke a couple of redstone circuits.


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