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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


If you're a Runescape player with at least 52 Defence, the title will probably seem familiar to you.  It should.  The skill Rejuvenate is widespread and abused too often.
Since Jagex is finally nerfing Rejuvenate, I can freely rant about this.  (I wouldn't have before; as I have 61 Defence and abuse the skill too.)  If you don't see why they're doing so, let me explain.
If you have used Rejuvenate before, you probably know how much it heals (40% of your maximum health, according to the description).  In any battle scenario, that's a lot, and that can shift the tide of a fight quickly.  It usually doesn't, though, because other people use it too.
Forty percent is just overpowered.  There's no other way to put it. 
And I'm pretty sure that the little stat restore thing is worth less compared to the heal. 
One minute of cooldown is too little.  (By the way- that's how long it usually takes for one to get a full adrenaline bar if they use abilities often in a battle.)  I'm glad they're increasing it to five minutes. 
Now, the other reason the J-Mods have for nerfing Rejuvenate was about something about the Grand Exchange prices.  I don't know about that part.  I don't watch the prices.

Taken from Mod Mark's post:
"This is intended to stabilise the value of these items on the GE in the short-term, and to increase their value in the long-term."

I'll be honest here.  My general reaction is something of a question mark.  I don't know.  But whatever.
Yeah, Rejuvenate really helps me.  But that all goes down the drain when I'm in Clan Wars, and everyone else is using it, too.  (No really, it gets annoying.  We have to pile someone when they use Rejuvenate to kill them.)  I even bring a shield and a warhammer in addition to my regular 2h so I can take advantage of Rejuvenate when I hit 100% adrenaline.
Well, at least that's over. 


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