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Friday, April 5, 2013

Using my Delta Builds in Omega- My "Best TLM Build Ever"

Hello everyone.  Today, I shall be explaining why you can't (for the most part) use my Delta-era builds in Omega.
The big (really big) factor is the fact that now everyone is restricted with stat points.  From Gamma to Delta, enhancements were everyone's way of getting out of the (rather measly) amount of stat points that each weapon had.  I realized that there were Level 34 (or 35) people out there completely decked out in Varium gear and wielding fully enhanced weapons.  I couldn't keep up with them in terms of Varium, so I just got Varium when I could and tried to make my builds as Varium-free as possible, for at the time, to be a non-varium was a big risk.
A year and then some after Delta starts, Omega finally launches.  Everything has changed with weapons.  Stats can now be freely allocated to whatever category you like, but there are caps to how many stat points you can put in each category.  Requirements have been demolished.  Encumbrance is gone, too.  Agility is nowhere to be found.  There are these new and mysterious things called cores- passive cores and active cores.  And enhancements have been bulldozed from the game.  How could I forget?
I shall be explaining why the following build is not really Omega-usable. (Thanks to @MeganintenDork on Twitter for telling me that one of my TLM builds didn't work.)

In my blog post about this build, I called it "my best TLM build ever".  And it was.  Allow me to explain this one.
The first stat that most notice is my strength, which is 58+14, or 72.  That amounted to a 17-21+35-2.  In case if you need a refresher, -2 refers to encumbrance, which was a concept introduced in Delta which allowed everyone to wield weapons with up to four more levels in requirements.  Of course, once everyone got to Level 30, they started to abuse that.
I had a Level 4 Double Strike, which was fairly strong (Level 4).  The concept I abused, though, was that it had one turn of cooldown.  One turn is rather OPed, because then every other turn I could use Double Strike.  I made good use of that with 71 Energy, allowing for many Double Strikes.
The Level 7 Field Medic was a safety net in case if I ever got into a sticky situation.  It was Level 7 because heck, why not?  I had the energy to afford it.
The Level four Field Commander was a boost for those "just in case" moments or if I needed a nice boost to 20-24 weapon damage.  It was not necessary for a win with my build.
Max Reroute made use of the fact that my defense and resistance were only average.  Therefore, I could take advantage of that and gain more energy from my opponent's attacks, when I would then use to heal.  An extra Double Strike was always nice, too.
This build required a few enhancements- only nine stats in all, which was low when you considered that the highest number of enhancement stats a build could have was forty.
100 Agility provided a nice little +1 to both Defense and Resistance.  It helped to counter the -1 encumbrance my Beast Rider armor had.

However, that was from Delta.  Time to blast this build to pieces.
Firstly, strength has been nerfed.  I estimate that if I used this build today on my TLM with the exact same everything at the same level, it would only reach 14-17+35-2, which is not very strong.  One must not forget that now Strength improves with every 4.5 points invested into it, which may not seem like much, but is a considerable blow in the long run.  Plus, diminishing effects still exist today.

Second, stat allocation (if not already obvious) has been changed (for better or worse, I don't know).  This is probably the main factor in the destruction of this build.
For your convenience and mine (that is, not having to scroll up to see the build), I shall be:

Now, look at the stat allocation.
My base for strength was 58, and the add-ons only added up to 14.  This included a +4 enhancement.  You could tell that I was investing more of my points in Strength.
Now, look at this old (Delta-era) wiki page on the Energy Rapier:

Now, look at my build again.  You can tell that 25 support doesn't exactly indicate my use of any Support-related skills or mechanics in battle.  That total +15 to support was not needed and useless.
a) I only had 25 support in the first place because of:
The Carrierzooka had a 25 support requirement.  However, in Delta, the Carrierzooka was an all-around good auxiliary.  New Hope, the mercenary who topped the leaderboards for much of EpicDuel's history, would often use this as her auxiliary.

b) The +15 to support came from the +7 support on the Energy Rapier and--

Yeah, that.  Also the +8 on the Beast Rider armor.

The +29 to dexterity was composed of the stats on my weapons and a +5 to dexterity on my Beast Rider.  Because Carrot Impaler is the only weapon here in my build that I haven't shown an (old) Wiki page of, here goes:

The base weapon stats that contributed to part of my add on to dexterity are as follows:
  1. +7 from my Energy Rapier
  2. +6 from my Carrot Impaler
  3. +4 from my Carrierzooka
  4. +6 from my Beast Rider
For Technology:
  1. +12 from my Energy Rapier (I loved that weapon)
  2. +4 from my Carrot Impaler
  3. +5 from my Carrierzooka
  4. +4 from my Beast Rider
For Support (even though I already mentioned that this was useless):
  1. +7 from my Energy Rapier
  2. +8 from my Beast Rider
Well, there you have it- a breakdown of my stat allocation.

And now for a little explanation of Health and Energy.
Today's TLM's base stats are as follows:
  • Health: 55
  • Energy: 54
  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 22
  • Technology: 19
  • Support: 21 
The Delta TLM's base stats:
  • Health: 47
  • Energy: 43
  • Strength: 18
  • Dexterity: 22
  • Technology: 19
  • Support: 21 
Today's TLM starts with more Health and Energy, but there is a trade-off (in case if you haven't noticed it yet).  Every stat point invested into either Health and Energy only increases it by 1 now, as opposed to two pre-Omega.  That is a very big game-changer that limits creative builds, in particular high-health or high-energy builds.  I still hate the devs over this decision.

Should I do an Omega redesign of my build?  Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to.  It's part of the reason why I play on my CH now.
My advice for anyone who wants to try this build, though, is to
  1. Put no points in Support.
  2. Put more points in Strength, either through retraining or weapon stats, because of all of the nerfs Strength has undergone ever since Delta.
  3. Use any variant of Assault Bot- I didn't mention that I was using one in the original post and besides, nerfs are pesky little things to TLMs.
  4. Make sure your final defense and resistance are not low.  I would put points in Dexterity until your defense hits 22-27 (+9).  That is still rather low.  For Technology, put points in until your resistance gets to (at the very least) 22-27 (armor stat not included). 
  5. Make sure to put your armor points in Technology.
  6. If you have a higher level than 33, by all means put that skill point in Mineral Armor.
  7. Get Generator as an active core.  This is possibly the best core ever.
  8. Maybe use Field Commander a bit more.  If you heeded my warnings about defense and resistance, you might not have enough points in Strength left to make an impact.  FC may be the only way out, in this case.
  9. Maybe cut down on the energy and move it to the more essential health (remember my section on health and energy?)
  10. Not use it.  There are too many variables and things that have changed.

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