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Sunday, January 29, 2012

On a slow and laggy day...

I don't even know why I made this blog.  Complain?  No, I don't think so.  Whatever.

Actually, I will complain.
Epicduel-  I lost a lot of 2vs2 battles today compared with my wins.  Thanks to juggernauts dominating the 2vs2 battles( may I note that like 95% of them are varium, are lvl 34, and have fully enhanced gear- obviously enhanced with varium) and cruddy (I'm going to try not to cuss)partners, and yeah, it might be my build.  Just might.
In any build, 66 health would be a problem.  Especially when:
  • you don't have any varium gear equipped(forget the robot),
  • you have 16-20 defence,
  • you have 21-26 resistance,
  • and you're not known for your strategical genius.
Well, I actually am okay with strategy.  It's just that on my lvl 29 tech mage, I just think that I'll win every battle cause my robot's 22-27+30.  I should do something about my Level 5 Focus.
On my level 31 mercenary- the one that doesn't have a strategy flaw- he's got 5 Focus too, he's a lot better though.  I suspect stat modifiers and more points to spend on stats(only 8 though).  He's got 80+health, too.  Whew.
I think my steam's blown off.  Wish me luck, it's almost Power Hour.
~ ReconnaisX

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