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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Post-Frysteland War Missions

Did some of them on my mercenary today.
In preparation for the missions that require items I accidentally bought 3 Energy Boosters, instead of three Health Boosters for that mission.  Great.  No one ever asks for Energy Boosters in 2vs2, only Health.  I could use them to increase my tankiness, though. :)
About "Betrayal in my Veins"- from Alydriah- what the heck- you have to beat up Commander Boothe?  What if the Exiles had won?  Would Aldhagrimm have turned against her grandnephew and told you to beat up King Alaric(which I think would have been easy: I'm an Exile but I heard Alaric only uses energy attacks)?  I mean- Edgar's Eyes? *horrified*  His eyes!?  I mean, what about his Badge?  Becuase from what I know, a person dies after their eyes are removed.  (I guess I won't complain when you remember that Edgar's Eyes is an achievement worth 1,000 rating points and right now, both my mage and my mercenary are around 13k rating points out of 15k for the extra star.)  And that bit about Alydriah "controlling his affections"- sounds like Boothe's got a crush on Alydriah and she's using that to her advantage.  It's nasty, but it goes hand in hand with that mission of Boothe's during the Frysteland War about needing three Perfect Ice Gems for "his lady", as "a gift".
Salt in the Wound- Easy Credits.  Just beat up Krampus Warrior 5 times and Krampus Technician two.
See My Vest- Easy Credits for high levels.  Not that I did it.
At Valestra- Pretty much buying things(hint, hint: five Hank's Cakes and five Health Sludges) besides Diaspora.  (Beat up the Yeti Hulk for 250 Credits.)
Hank- Snowdrop: Five Bio Orchids, and you're done.
(Reactor Room)That one where you have to beat up Maia for the Krampus Crown- pretty easy.  (Remember, Maia is Level Thirty, has two hundred health, and only has a physical primary- one more thing, it's a female.)
Where you have to buy what, three health boosters for her?  Ok, then.
She's got one more mission, but I don't remember it right now.
<While working on Krampus Tech>Oh I remember it!  Turn in the Yeti Cure!
Krampus Technician-
Where you buy five Health Packs?  Whatever.
Beat up five yetis for Yeti Cure?  (Hint:  Frost Reaper, no duh.)
Commander Boothe-
Alaric and Aldhagrimm- Turn in Krampus Crown(from Ylwa, Reactor Room), 500 Credits. Easy.
Before I started working on Boothe, I checked the Epicduel Wiki and now, Aldhagrimm and Alaric are listed as "Rare".  LOL.  It's so funny, funnier when you remember that the Rare tag says "This item was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and is no longer available."
See ya.  I better get off the computer now or my mom's gonna blow her top.

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