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Monday, January 30, 2012

On with the Grind.

I'm really putting in the hours on Epicduel.  The ever-present need for Credits has increased now- my tech mage needs 8,500 for Azrael's Borg, another additional 15,000 if possible for another Valentine's Day weapon.  My mercenary needs 20,000 for the Silver Skull Card, and in the long run, 50,000 for the Tactical Mercenary class.  (I could just use 900 Varium, except right now I don't have the means to get Varium.)  I figured first I could get the card and then becuase successful Juggernauts are successful tanks, I could then reach my goal of fifty thousand Credits.  After all, most Juggernaut victims of a level 31 juggernaut are level 25-26 nonvarium players that are extremely weak and don't know the first thing about defence or resistance.  The best type of offense I have ever seen on a level 25-30 nonvarium player is the Plasma Bolt(of course with Caden's Wrath), with MultiShot coming at a close second(with Acolyte Blades, Security Blaster 2, and sometimes the Overlord Shotgun).  My point is- it's easy Credits and Battle Tokens, not to mention Influence and Experience.
And then there are faction problems.  The main one?  Inactivity.  Ouch.  Since I have to pay 20 Influence(equivalent of 5 successful battles)to kick someone, and since my faction isn't very active, I can't afford to kick the inactive idiots.  And then there's nagging members.  Spamming ones.  When I clean the message board, they ask What happened to the messages? and start all over again.  So annoying.
Oh sheesh.  So boring.  I could use a bit of an update right now.  One that has more decent weapons for nonvariums.  Oh, right!  Saint Patrick's' Day is coming up.  I wonder what the new weapons will be.  But it's still kind of a long way off.

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