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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Level Up!

Yay for me!  I finally reached my goal of achieving level 32 on my mercenary! 
My next steps are to get four stars(1.1k away) and change to Tactical Mercenary.
I still remember some battles that I did today that helped to contribute to this great victory:
I encountered the same juggernaut twice.  He was a level 34 half nonvarium/varium player, same as me.  It turned out he wasn't very good at being a juggernaut, as I beat him twice- the second one with a critical 32.  It might just be that I have a lot of luck.
The countless people who accidentally ditched their partners in 2vs2 helped a lot- not that I told them to.
Yeah, I think I do have a lot of luck- today I beat a higher number of juggernauts than ususal.  I don't remember how many times I actually broke through a cyber hunter's mass dexterity.  Lots of criticals involved.
I reached fifteen thousand credits today.  Five thousand more and I'm the juggernaut.
I'm level 32, and I still have more wins than losses! :)

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