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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big World of Builds... 0.001% realized

Hello everyone!
To start off(with a topic that isn't realted to Epicduel in any way) I was playing with QR codes today and I came up with this- qrcodeIt's supposed to be a mailto link, which opens up a email draft to be sent to me.  And this- qrcodeThis one is a link to the Epicduel homepage.  It's kind of interesting how a generator sorts the code typed into an image file.  But anyway...

My mercenary seems to have stumbled on an interesting build(remember, LEVEL 32!).  I was planning to get the Silver Skull Card.  Instead, I did something that was very stupid.  I bought the Elite Security Blaster.
Some of you might think that wasn't so stupid.  But the Elite Security Blaster was incompatible with my build back then(it was a tank with 5 Focus, no room for +8 Support).  So, I switched builds.  My new one featured weak defence and resistance and only 20-24(not counting the +34 of my Carrierzooka) base auxiliary damage to compensate.  Horrible.  The multi was virtually useless too, as the new generation of tank cyber hunters and tactical mercenaries rendered it useless.  The heal wasn't much help, as you may remember that a few months back, the Epicduel Team made it improve with level.  Seriously.

Like I said, that build was sh*t.  So I switched again(remember, I lost 1360 Credits on builds so far) to a serious tank build.  Outcome?
85 Health
41 Energy
Noobish Strength(10-12+32 Physical Damage-case in point)
Great Dexterity-80(+31)
Great Technology-50(+22)
Noobish Support(less than 36)
Great Defence-31-38+6+1(would have been better if Hybrid Armor hadn't been "split" in other words, nerfed)
Great Resistance-24-29+9-2+1+6

So I saw great tech.  I took advantage and got Level ten Bunker Buster.  To add on the pain, I brought two extra energy boosters with me for another rocket.  So far it's working.
There's so many builds out there.
PS-  (It's my site.)

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