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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Breakthorughs That Have Been Overdue for Months

I really mean the title.  I mean, FINALLY!  Here's a rundown of the new things that have been newly released(by the way, nonvarium limited rares seem to go out awfully fast, right?  Remember when Charfade was released?):
Second Suggestion Shop:
Hero's Heart Set-
Pricey!  Big lack of stat modifiers compared to the other newly released weapons.  Ah, but who cares?  It's mutating and limited rare, and big one, it's for nonvariums.
General in terms of stat modifiers.  Good for Tech Mages and Cyber Hunters.
Hero's Heart Broadsword-
Just another typical sword, but I can see Technology and Support Builds skyrocketing with this one.  Serious.
(Extra Bonus: Limited Rare)
Nearly the polar opposite of Hero's Heart Broadsword.  Tanks score a big one with this.  Great for tech builds as well.
Great Strength and Dexterity bonus.  Great for TM and CH, but a CH can malf, and multishot, capitalizing on the perks of this weapon.
Rust Runeblade-
Plus 18 Strength.  Did someone say OPed?
Spirit Scythe-
Excellent Technology and Support bonus, sort of a compromise for Caden's Wrath.  Oh man, I see visions of overpowered Technology and Support skills.
Spirit Pike-
More closely related to Caden's Wrath than its brother.  Decent Dexterity bonus, I say.
Clubs(who did these clubs?  They look lame.):
Golden Draconic Axe-
Bit of a mouthful.  Decent Dexterity and Strength bonus.
Energy Steering Device-
Hello?  Name problem?  Do I want to be named Human #6,994,336?  Do you want to be Animal #999,662,881?  Does this club want to be called 'Energy Steering Device'?  Whatever.  Great Tech and Supp bonuses, ultimately good for bunker/artillery builds.
Wrist Blades:
Toxic Chompers-
General stat modifiers.  Nothing to say.
Surgical Slicers-
The Royal War Blades are in the trash with this one.  Good for tanks.
Dark Varium Blaster-
What a creative name.  Limited-Rare.  +35 gun, cool.  Nice tech bonuses.  As said in name, costs varium.
Hazard Blaster-
In terms of name, it'd be up there with the Hazard Husk.  General bonuses.
Dragon's Breath-
Great Dex bonus, with a bit of backup for Strength.
(@ Edgar Boothe, Frysteland:)
Legion Blaster-
Proclaim your allegiance to the Legion with this lame cool gun!  Same stats as Headhunter SMG.
Bonus: How to be a true Legion Soldier:
Class: Blood Mage
Armor: Imperial Mage
Primary: Imperial Warstaff/ Legion War Sword
Sidearm: Legion Blaster
Auxiliary: Legion Cannon
Krampus Blaster-
Proclaim your allegiance to the Exiles with this lame cool gun!  Same stats as Headhunter SMG.
Bonus: How to be the true resister:
Class: Bounty Hunter
Armor: Exile Soldier
Primary: Exile War Sword
Sidearm: Exile Blaster/Krampus Blaster
Auxiliary: Krampus Cannon
Caterpillar Bugzooka-
Limited-Rare.  +39 damage.  Still beat by the 11/11/11 weapons, but nice Dex.
(@ Edgar Boothe, Frysteland)
Legion Cannon-
Same stats as Hunter Cannon.  Included with free alignment loyalty.
Krampus Cannon-
Same stats as Hunter Cannon.  Included with free alignment loyalty.

Whew!  That was a lot of weapons and undeniably this is my longest blog post ever.
Two new items, used in missions and rewarded from missions:
Heartcracker Bomb-
Based on the design of the Super War Bomb.  Turned in for a cheevo.
Heartcracker Bomb Part-
Obviously a bomb part.  Resembles the War Bomb.

Hmmm, scrolling through new releases on ED Wiki....

  • Frost Warrior is now rare.
  • Battle rewards now always give the same ratio of credits to experience. The credit to XP ratio is set to 8:3.
  • Deflection chance now improves with Technology. Deflection chance improves by 1% per 3 Technology advantage. The base chance (10%), min chance (2%) and max chance (25%) are unchanged.
  • Strength requirement removed from Plasma Bolt.
  • Strength requirement added to Malfunction (19 +2/Lvl)
  • Plasma Bolt energy is cost reduced by 4 EP at each level.
  • Overload energy cost is reduced by 2 EP at each level.
  • Defense Matrix energy is reduced by 1 EP at each level.
  • Field Commander now scales by 1 Str every 2 levels (down from every 4.5 levels) and has had its base strength bonus increased by 2.
Now, onto criticism:
Frost Warrior's rare?  Not that I care.
Battle rewards increased(for losing)?  Yay!
Deflection now improves w/ Tech?  Not that I care.
Strength requirement removed from Plasma Bolt?  Uh-oh.  I see images of technology pures damaging like sh*t with Plasma, but if they're really pure, they will have Caden's Wrath, and everyone knows that CW has a 37 strength requirement.  The next best thing?  Caden's Curse.  +15 Technology and no Strength requirement.  Oh crap.
Strength requirement added to Malfunction?  Well, they needed to balance out the equation.  Ah well.
Plasma Bolt energy cost reduced?  APOCHALAYPSE.  (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong, and I'm leaving it that way.)
Overload energy cost reduced?  Well, the modern tech mage is getting some huge buffs today.
Defense Matrix energy cost reduced?  Just one point, who cares.
Field Commander buffed?  Oh, no.  Crap, no.  Case in point:  My mercenary currently has 31 Support.  If he were to have Max Field Commander, it would be plus 44 strength.  I just don't want to see what the Support Pures got- imagine, some support merc buffs himself with FC and then gun turns to 21-26+32(Elite Security Blaster).  NOES!  NOES!

That's the release.  I think it took me thirty minutes to type this up.  New record.

EDIT:  I totally forgot about the missions and cheevos-
Heartcracker-  Rewarded for completing the Heartcracker Missions.  One thousand rating points.  I'm going to *try* to get this one.
Super Bowl XLVI- 1500 Battle Tokens, 1500 Rating Points.  Simple and easy.
Heartcracker- Beat up Admin 11 for the Bomb Part.  Turn in for Bomb.
Fresh Meat- Beat up(challenge) 10 people.  Reward: 250 Credits.
Gentlemanly Fisticuffs- Beat up 15 guards(NOTE: 5 Lvl 1 City Guard, 5 Lvl 3 City Guard, 5 Lvl 2 Light Desert Guard) and get 250 Credits.
Making Ready- Turn in the three bombs.  Get the cheevo(Heartcracker).
Begging for Strips- Beat up Titan for BACON!  500 CREDITS FOR BACON!
Halt!- Beat up the Heavy Guard.  250 Credits.  Too easy.
Shrapnel- Requires a bit of buying- 7 Old Scimitars for a Heartcracker Bomb.
Lonely Hearts Club- Sucks to be the Heavy Guard.  Relatively easy(but then, I'm talking from a point of 30+).

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