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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just another day.

Pretty typical today, with the exception of weapon-buying and build-changing(again).
So far, I love the new battle reward mechanisms.  Rewards for a loss!  Yay!
I also bought the Hero's Heartbreaker Broadsword today.  Which reminds me: they restocked the Limited Rares, you should have seen how quickly they went in the first stock.  This stock went more slowly because all the high levels had pretty much gotten theirs earlier, so I had a chance this time.  The Hero's Heart Set went a lot more quickly than the Broadsword, I dunno why.  Especially since the set had three less stat modifiers than the Broadsword.  It's also got about 500 less Rarity Score than the sword counterpart.  But in the set's favor, it is mutating.  If the Set was physical, I would have gotten it rather than my Broadsword, cause, well, it mutates.  And it has the stats closest to my Ice Crusher, which I was giving up for a weapon.  But this is the real world Delta V, and the set was energy.  Darn.  So I took the Broadsword.  Which wasn't bad, really, except it didn't cooperate with my build.
I had to change my build.  Besides the fact that the Hero's Heart Broadsword was downright incompatible with my current build, it had no strength bonus.  So I did change.  I reverted from a Bunker Buster build to my old strength build.  Which wasn't bad.  Strength builds never are, unless you have serious problems with dexterity and technology.  I had to get Field Commander because, as it turned out, I had 15-18 base damage, without the sword damage.  Ouch.  But luckily(forget what I said yesterday), My Field Commander boosted 46, turning it to 24-29.  Of course, my sword was still 34-2.  But it worked.  (In case if you're wondering why my base was 15-18 and I had a 'Strength build', I insisted on having Level 5 Focus.  For my bot, you know.)
The Exile Soldier glanced at the Shadow Guard blocking his path.
"Let me in," he said.
The Shadow Guard struck the soldier but missed.  "No.  Get out!"
"Why should I?" The Exile retracted his blades.  "No, on second thought..."  He pulled out a Stun Grenade and threw it at the Shadow Guard.  It exploded and the Shadow Guard fell, unconscious, to the floor.
The soldier looked down the stairs.  There it was.  Old Fortune City.
"For the Exiles," he breathed, walking towards the stairway.
PS: Did ya like the little story?
PPS: It turned out everyone restocked on everything limited-rare.  Poor me, I realized the chance to get Charfade's Bike too late.  Charfade's Sword is at 40 as of now.  I'm getting it just for the rarity score.  And I'm 2.5k behind 9.5k need to buy it.  Ah well.

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