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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boss level day.

Well, everything's fine and okay.  I changed builds.  Again.  But it's more efficent this time- traded some strength for dexterity= higher defence.  And I teamed up with someone and tried to defeat Edgar Boothe.  Twice.  Georgian dead man lacked an auxiliary.  So he's trying to get a physical one.  Possibly even now.  We decided to split up for now until he got an aux.  Two hours ago, he PMed me "I changed builds.  Now I have higher resistance."  Maybe I should do that.  But I'm having a financial problem.  No, not with real money.  Credits.
I saved the first six sentences of this draft about an hour and thirty minutes ago as a draft, minus the strikethrough in the first sentence.  I came back to it right now.  In that time period, I ate dinner tried to beat Titan.  I did.  But it turns out it wasn't very successful in the long run- one victory for about ten losses.  And I didn't get the Cheevo.  Why?
You know the level 27 Exile Solider in that same room as Titan?  You do?  Okay.  One of his missions, "Begging for Strips", requires that you beat Titan once.  Titan gives you Bacon(strips and Bacon strips and Bacon strips Titan obviously watches EpicMealTime.)and you turn it in to the Exile Soldier for 500 Credits.  Sound good?  It is!  But if you accept that and then go fight Titan and win, you only get Bacon.  Aww man.  Ikr.  Ikr, dude.  And then I go blow all my money on anti-Titan builds.  (What fun.  They work like sh*t.)  'Cause today- 3 retrains= 3*640-680 Credits I think for each retrain= 1920- 2040 Credits wasted.  Plus the Health/Energy Boosters.  About 10 Health Boosters+1 Energy Booster=292+28= another 320 Credits wasted.  So 2240-2360 Credits blown in all.  Ouch.  I mean, ouch.  But wait!  There's a plus!  There's my usual battling salary, I think I got 500 Credits this time around, and then I did "Begging for Strips", instant 500, "See my Vest", 250, "Diaspora", 250, so 500+500+250+250= 1,500 Credits made.  Still, a loss of about 700.  And I still need Despair for Titan.
Anyhow, to help you guys learn from my loss, I took this from an email to one of my friends who is a fellow EpicDuelist:
I tried to beat Titan and Edgar Boothe today.  I beat Titan once but didn't get the cheevo because I was doing a mission.  I tried Titan again, and he beat me.  So, to date, I have beat Titan once out of almost 10 tries.
I didn't beat Edgar Boothe- I got him around 250 health/800. 
But important tips-
Edgar Boothe-
Weak to physical
Only does energy damage
Level 9000  Boss- Ally required
Does Plasma Cannon(25% crit chance)
800 Health
750 Energy
Weak to energy
Does damage of both types
Level 30- do not underestimate him based on his level
Similar to a (Tactical) Mercenary- Double Strike, Berzerker
Energy Staff
Physical Gun
Similar to a (Tactical Mercenary) Tech Mage- Bludgeon, Reroute, Overload
Similar to a (Blood Mage) Bounty Hunter- Blood Lust
160 Health
180 Energy

Does your brain hurt from all the math yet?
The woman with red eyes walked up to the City Gates, noticing the Heavy Guard outside.
"On your knees!" She hissed.
"Who are you?" the unfortunate Guard asked.  The woman swiped him with her metal claws.  Howling in pain, the Heavy Guard fell to the ground.  The woman walked on, followed by the monster.
She came to the center of the City.  In front of her was the "Legion Arena".
She smiled evilly.  "Begin," she said.
The ground cracked.  It groaned.  A new building began to rise from the ground. The Legion Arena was pushed aside to the left.  Hank's Weapons was pushed south, as was Steve 2.0's armor shop.  The buildings rearranged themselves, as if by magic.  The newest building was by far the most ornate.
"This shall be my base."  Alydriah turned to the Armor Hazard.  "And you, my pet, shall be guard."
The Delta evolution had begun.

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