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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Somewhat unrelated to epic duel.

You'll have to excuse my spelling cuz I'm typing this on an iPad, complete with stupid spellcheck and all. (so much for Internet shorthand) I couldn't get on epic duel today. Personal reasons not open to the internetz. But I have this iPad I'm using right now. Thus begins my *epic* journey to find the right browser for epic duel. You should know by now that apple is crappy when it comes to adobe flash player. One of its few flaws. UNFORTUNATELY, EPICDUEL RUNS OFF FLASH PLAYER. NOW WAT? Now I start scouring the app store for a free browser with flash player. I won't give u the details of this, but it took a while. (btw- there was this cool broswer that promised flash. You havetoconnect it to ur computer. Turns out, it controls the computer. Too bad for my sister, whowas unfortunately using the computer at the moment-"STOP GOING THROUGH MY TUMBLR!")Eventually I stumbled upon some puffin browser thing.that promised flash. Except it cost money. So I downloaded the lite version. That version promised no flash player. Problem with that? It did support flash. In conclusion, I found the perfect browser for adobe flash on an iPad. See ya, I think my mercenary on the other browser is afk. ~ReconnaisX

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