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Monday, February 13, 2012

So I Heard You Liek Drops.

Big drops update, whatever.  Why?  Why are you not excited?("You've got to be kidding me!  They released a bunch of weapons!")  Well, I'm probably acting stupid, but what the heck, it's low-level weapons.  EpicDuel just became a little bit more like MechQuest, with variations of the same weapon and all.  Lol.  Sounds like Nightwraith didn't have enough time.  But I suppose the low-levels should be dancing for joy and all, as the last update that was specifically targeted at the low levels was the Auxiliary update, and when was that?  But I suppose I should be dancing for joy as well.  Then in 2vs2, I don't have a partner who has 109 Health/Energy and abuses Technology, Plasma Bolt, Technician, and Plasma Rain(you know who you are) and only has an Apprentice Staff("Oh!  I was wondering why I smelled of the word noob and why I only have this lame staff while these cool people have these cool big pumpkin zooka things!  Wow!")
But then, I suppose I should be celebrating as well.  No more noobs with starter weapons!  (The newly released ones aren't much better.)  Even up that Varium gap in my battle record caused by noobs!
Well, at least they capped retraining costs...

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