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Friday, February 17, 2012

Drops, bots, and Noobs: Just Another Day.

So I read the design notes.  I can just see the non-variums dancing.  Free Freer Assualt Bot!  Yay!  And what does Cindy mean by a "refurbished version at Junker?"  Sounds like a Credit-only Assualt Bot.  Probably priced at 50k or so.  Ha.  It should be enough to convince my friends to come back to ED.  (But then again, I thought the same thing when they released the +32-33 nonvarium guns and +34-36 nonvarium auxiliaries.)
And then onto the subject of annoying noobs.  THEY'RE SO FREAKING ANNOYING!  (Did I just repeat myself?  Sorry.)  This guy in particular(please don't fame him unless you feel like trolling me)- without him, I wouldn't have written this whole paragraph on noobs.  As of right now, he's my only example I can pull off the top of my head, 'cause I battled him five minutes ago in 2vs2.  During the whole battle, he kept on praising his partner for everything.  What worse way to fill up the chat log?  Oh, I know!  He kept on calling me 'noob' becuase I was under twenty health(and you should remember that noob is supposed to mean 'low-level player'.  Wow, this guy thinks 28 is a higher number than 32.  Must be a six-year-old on the other end of the battle.).  He just went on with 'ha' like twenty times.  My only bit of satisfaction was when his level 33 varium partner died: 'NOOOOO!' (rule #1 for being a noob: all caps)  But then-  'Its okay ill beat this noob and win'.  And sadly, he did win.  But I guess I'm just being a little sore here.  Might as well stop.
When's ED gonna update?  I need that bot!

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