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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/7/12: In Depth

I have a bit more time right now, but then again, I still want the Hero's Heart Set (they restocked, 33 left at last count).
Negawraith: Worst boss ever.  Easy 500 Credits when you do the mission 'Uncanny'.
Raymus:  What use is he for?
Rusted/Rotten Weapons:  Good if you're leveling up.  Good also if you sell 'em.
Notary Public: Get 4 Bribe Money, turn in, get Bribe Money receipt.  Sounds easy.  Not easy.  Darn. @Negawraith
Darkish Grey Ops:
25 Challenge Battles against certain NPCs.  Epic Battle Token reward.  Better do that quest right now.  @Exile Soldier(Old Fortune City)
Hide Nor Hair:
Defeat certain enemies 15 times.  Collect Bribe Money.  Subquest of Notary Public. @Lawman.
Reverse Osmosis:
Buy 5 Surf Wax(100 per) from Naomi.  Turn in.  Ding!  Bribe Money! @Big Tuna
Defeat Negawraith and receive 500 Credits.
Grinding Gears:
Defeat Junker and collect Robot Parts.  Bribe Money.  @Charfade
Viva La Resistance:
Turn in Bribe Money receipt from Notary Public.  Get Blood Money achievement.  Sounds okay.
Batesian Mimicry:
Defeat Nightwraith.  500 Credits.  Similar to Begging for Strips.
The Human Wall:
Defeat 15 guards.  Bribe Money.  Pretty straightforward.

Surf Wax:
From Naomi for 100 Credits.  Used in Reverse Osmosis @ Big Tuna.
Bribe Money:
Reward from four quests.  Used in Notary Public.
Bribe Money Receipt:
Reward from Notary Public.  Used in Viva La Resistance.

Blood Money: Reward from the second part of the Heartbreaker Saga.  One thousand rating points.  Not bad, and just what I need for my mercenary to obtain that fourth star.

Rusted Assualt Bot:
Weaker version of Assualt Bot.  Physical element, which I suppose is logical.  Do not use for robot attacks unless you have an unreasonably high Technology (100+).  Worst base damage ever(8-12, is this a sign about nonvarium robots?).  But I suppose it does its real job: Reducing debuffs.  @Junker for 14,000 Credits.


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