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Friday, March 2, 2012

2/29/12 and 3/2/12 Design Notes- Plus, a little something.

Oh hai there.  I know that I didn't update this for a while, but here goes:

Sorry guys, but I have an idea, and it might go away.

Backfired- The Conclusion of the Heartbreaker Saga

Location: Guard Outpost

Administrator 12 looked at his watch.  "The bombs should be going off just now," he said to no one in particular.
"Uh huh," one of the Heavy Guards agreed.  "Why haven't we heard the explosion left?"
Administrator 12 heard a beep behind him and turned around to stare at his NoteBot.
I'm sorry, John.  Alydriah has found the bombs.  That Administrator 11!  -EL
Administrator 12 turned around to face the Guards.
"The worst has happened.  Alydriah has discovered the bombs."
The other Guard tensed.  "What do we do?"
Administrator 12 sighed in defeat.  "Isn't it obvious?  We meet our fate with honor."  As he finished speaking, there was a rumble outside of the entrance of the Guard Outpost.  A few seconds later, the door started to glow.  It broke down and Administrator 11 materialized in the Outpost.
Administrator 12 furiously grabbed his Mark 2 and fired twice.  The first shot bounced off of Administrator 11's body armor.  The second hit his helmet.  The helmet exploded, and Administrator 11's true face was revealed.  A skull floating in green liquid.  Another of Alydriah's scientists' experiments. 
Not caring whatsoever about the fact that his face was revealed, Administrator 12 began the termination process.
"Administrator 12 detected.  Terminate immediately.  Excecuting..."
Location: Outskirts of Fortune City

The Arctic Guard looked up.  Something was shining.  Was that a blue ball of energy?
"No way," he whispered.  "What is that?"
The energy exploded, and the Guard covered his eyes.
Location: Ruins of the Guard Outpost

Lysander Cox finally turned around.  What was that glow, and that sound of the blast?  He hoped it was the citadel of Alydriah, finally fallen.  He saw the citadel, intact and standing.  Then what had exploded.  He followed the sound.  Past Hank's Shop, past the Legion Arena, past the Science Center...
What had happened?  Not daring to see what was inside, Cox crept in through the destroyed entrance.
What was this?  This?  What had happened to the plan? 
Then Cox saw the remains.  A pair of legs, still standing.  A Mark 2 gun beside them.  Mark 2... Mark 2...
Administrator 12!  Why, how had this happened?  He looked up and saw the answer.
Administrator 11, with a new face, calmly stood next to the remains of Administrator 12.
"If I were you, human, I would get out."  He spoke with no fear.
"What happened here?"  Cox stomped over to one of the Heavy Guards.
"Hey NegaWraith, Admin 11 did his work."
"This?  This?  This is what he can do?" Cox's hands were trembling.
"Yes.  They found out.  And she sent the... the... thing over here.  Only to execute Admin 12.  Not us."
Cox balled his fists and then remembered that his fighting skills were under that of even a Heavy.  No chance against 11.  Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a letter.  He pocketed it and ran.  Ran from the Outpost.  It was all over.
Out of breath, Cox stopped outside Alydriah's citadel and unfolded the letter.  Tears started to form, and within seconds, he was crying.

And, yeah, guys, that's it.  If you want to find out what is in the letter(real thing, I did not make that one up), go to the EpicDuel Design Notes
So it turns out the Legion has won this one.  Bummer.  And you guys (looks at Smackie El Frog) can stop complaining about that the Saga was moving in the Exiles' direction!

Anyhow, onto the DNs:
Basically, the March 2nd Design Notes was the letter that Administrator 12 wrote.  (And no, Cox did not actually go over there and find a letter.  I inferred that after his NPC chat box changes.)
New Promotional Pack!
Biggie.  So what.  I didn't get the Heartbreaker Pack.  Say, I wonder if there's gonna be some new bot... :D
If it ain't broke...
Oh YESS!  On my tech mage, I will gladly take that offer!  :)
Balance Changes
Yes, finally, a rant for a change.  I will *try to look at these changes from the eye of the class that has been affected.

Tactical Mercenary
Smoke Screen removed, Field Commander added.  I mean, WTF!  What the hell was Rabblefroth thinking!  Now, every TLM I see has a support build to temporarily cope.
Tech Mage
Energy requirement down to 46, health up to 44.  I honestly don't think that it's anything major.
Cyber Hunter
Okay, guys, I will *try* *try* *try* not to be prejudiced here.
1. Static Charge is nerfed.
There go all those builds with repeating multis.  But seriously, I'm glad, because as tons of people have said before me, CH is OPed.
2. Plasma Armor is nerfed.
Seriously?  Reducing it by ONE is gonna make the staff feel better?

Yes, that is it.

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