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Sunday, March 4, 2012

~The Controversial ED Blog Post~

Hello again guys.  I got a lot on my plate to talk about, so I'm going to get started now.

Level Up!
This time, I've leveled up on my tech mage, ReconnaisX.  Level 30, yes!  Beast Rider and Frost Destroyer and Frost Slayer and MOAR!   :)
Got Dark Varium Blaster ( :O ), sold Talon, and sold Voltzooka.  I'm currently saving up for Hive Launcher(gonna spend my varium on a rare aux)

As you probably know already, challenges against NPCs count towards your battle record, win or loss.  Now, you probably know the controversial part about this one: Should NPC challenge battles count?
Well, I think not.  Look closely on the ED Forums, and you will find out (gasp!) that most of the "against" people are top-level varium people.  Sure, no problem getting wins for them.  But what about that nonvarium guy that just made it to level 30, complete with no armor?  The person does not want to ruin their battle record.  They can't get varium.  So- they turn to NPCing.  NPCing offers quick(depending on certain things) and easy wins, once the player has mastered the NPC's strategy.  It provides an easy way to gain Credits and level up.  (There is no way for easy battle tokens, other than missions and Battle Boost, which costs Varium.)
NPCing helped many of my accounts through tough times, and still is.  Conclusion: I vote NO for Proposition  7 Proposition Anti-NPCing.

Balance Changes (sometimes) fail.
Well, people, I'm going to sum up the few balance changes I have seen in 2012, and whether it was worth it or not.

January (chronologically)
  • TLM Maul replaced with Stun Grenade- For the better, at least, better for the other classes.  Downside: Stun Grenade is unblockable.
  • TLM Hybrid Armor replaced with Mineral Armor- Didn't change that much- why? Blood Shield and Assualt Bot
  • TLM Technician replaced with Blood Shield- Defencewise- TLM more dangerous. Offencewise- TLM less dangerous, Technician boosts Smoke Screen(that is, Smoke used to be there) and Surgical Strike.
  • CH Technician replaced with Plasma Armor- CH more dangerous.  First step in the tankiness of CHs.
  • M/BM- Bunker Buster/Plasma Cannon had few scaling changes- for the better or worse? IDK
  • BM Technician replaced with Energy Shield- Defencewise- BM more dangerous. Offencewise- BM less dangerous, Technology boosts Plasma Cannon and Plasma Rain.
  • Artillery Strike requirement removed- Hello, Level 34 Support Pures with Basic Club and Max Artillery!
  • Fireball and Plasma Bolt improved- if I'm not mistaken, Plasma Bolt has been buffed recently.  Maybe this was the first in a chain?
  • Passive armor skills slightly reduced- from +13-> +12.  Not that I care.
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Hybrid Armor gets the big split: +12/+0 -> +6/+6.  Oh sh*t.
  • Deflection now improves with Technology- GOOD!  BE SURE TO STRIKE, AND ONLY STRIKE, TMs.  Lol.
  • Strength requirement removed from Plasma Bolt- Well, doesn't Caden's Wrath still require 37 Strength?
  • Strength req added to Malfunction- Balance out the equation.
  • Plasma Bolt energy req reduced by 4- who cares, honestly?
  • Overload energy req reduced by 1- see above.
  • Defence Matrix energy req reduced by 1- what a lot of goodies the TMs are getting!
  • Field Commander buffed- Horror.
March (current update)
  • All lvl 34 CHs and TLMs debuffed one point from their passive armors.  So?
  • TLM Smoke Screen replaced by Field Commander- Before: Overpowered. After: Underpowered.  Balance Tracker FTW.
  • Static Charge's restore % debuffed- Second time they did that.
That last section wasn't very controversial, was it?  Honestly, sometimes I feel a need to fill up that giant blank space before me.

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