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Friday, March 9, 2012


hello all!  Im typing t his on an ipad, so excuse any typos i might have.Anyhow, the reason why im not typing this on a computer is cuz that well, i have been playing farmkill!  okay, guys.  defeated levels 21-27 today (mental note to self- only flawless was on level 21 D: ). I realize that the irongun is sht around lvl 22.  To compensate, i get the revolover :D
The *high cost of living* soon catches up to me, however.  So wat do i do?  I realize that now i can get farm cash with tapjoy!(* srs u didnt realize?*). Nope i didnt! :D
So i take a break from farmkil and start downlaoading app after app after app...  I remember once when i got 4k farmcash at once ( its called clunking ). So i conti ue to beat levels ith ease, thanks to my newfound source of cash.
Back to the game...
1. I hate the fire worms... 10 rounds of heavy gun on them and theyre still going strong :( only economicl way to kill them is the sniper
2. With my new friend the heavy gun, those shovel idiots are NOTHING! ^_^
3. I buy three more lives with my new friend tapjoy= 6 lives now
4. The shotgun is still useful.  I didnt expect that.
5. I sometimes switch to the woodgun to save frugal dude...
7. Who e hell is jeb?
8. I forgot the tractor dudes are really ahrd too... Howd they get their driver's license?
9. Geezer shut up i need to concentrate
10. I freak out one too many times
11. Why wnt the fire worms help us liek the other worms?
13. The chicken coop is a sad waste of money... Just advice...i know from firsthand experience.
14. I wonder what happens if u buy geezer *slave trade*
15. I start sweating when i see *certain* zombies.
16. Brick walls are now good for sht.  Barb are even worse.  A lvl 28 noob regular zombies an set fire to a barb wire with one hit.

so hard... :(
Ps: i will be trying to do a post on the new ED DNs.

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