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Friday, March 30, 2012

I have no idea what the title should be.



I adjusted the technology build of my blood mage, increasing the energy to 110.  Why 110, you ask?  It's actually pretty popular.  2 Max Plasma Cannon= 66 Energy.  1 Max Plasma Rain (against two opponents)= 44 Energy.  66+44=110.  Simple math.  But if you EMP me, I'm screwed.
I also invested some points into Deadly Aim, with Blood Lust taking most of the damage (in terms of skill points) and removing Berzerker.
So right now, my tech blood mage is thriving and everything.  And my other characters?

Nothing big going on.  Pretty passive.  It's just that this character has the highest chance of finishing the Battlesuit Model line of missions, as he is the only one that can defeat the Lawman.

On temporary leave.  I accomplished all of the seasonal goals for this character (get Celtic Claws) and I'm pushing him back for now.

Soul Noob
Great build, but on a hiatus as well.  He has no goals. o_O

I think I'll be taking a break from ED.  Why?

1) ReconnaisX keeps retraining, big waste of money when I'm trying to get something.
2) Bountyhunter1225 is not making much credits.
3) Soul Noob's strategy has recently been undermined.
4) Same goes for Merc1225.

I just start feeling there's no point to EpicDuel.

You could say this is all the fault of today's release.  Eight new weapons, four of them nonvarium, and the return of the older ones.  I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  So I had this huge desire to get out there and start making money.  But I couldn't.

In terms of EpicDuel, I don't know what to do right now.


So my big MC question is up there, in the title.  Is the Nether hell?  People say yes, but I doubt that.  I mean, the Nether strongly resembles hell. (hint: abundance of the color red.  don't forget fires.)  But do remember that the Nether is not under the Overworld.  In Creative, you just dig into what's known as the "Void".  Also known as death.
I've been crafting several Nether portals as a means to escape the Overworld.  The first time, it was fun.  Then I brought the Overworld in.  I started doing things I would normally doing in the Overworld, like breeding pigs and creating massive craters.
And then I started spawning Endermen in the Overworld.  I was trying to kill one.  It didn't work.

*Place game of choice here*

I've been thinking I should expand.  My friend tells me he has Team Fortress 2 on his computer, whatever that is.  But apparently, it causes so much lag that his Minecraft is laggy beyond lag.  Plus, I may be quitting ED (see above).


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