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Monday, March 26, 2012

*DRAFT POST* Oh so ̶s̶h̶i̶n̶y̶ rare!

 The following post is a draft that got so old I decided to publish it.  You're going to have to load the images in this one if you're receiving this post my email.

Hello again, guys.  As you probably guessed, this post is going to be all about... Rarity!
The idea popped into my head when I bought Cupid's Sorrow today on my Mage.  A little while after that, Junker appraised my rarity:
    ^Thanks for doing that Junker, even though you cost me 500 Credits! :P
So then I was like, I feel great!  My merc only has about 5k rarity!  Why not post this online?
So I did.  And now, you might be wondering, what's in his inventory?
All in good time, my friends.

^I should be able to turn in the Bribe Money for real Credits :)
This reminds me, it's impossible to get the Treasure Hunter cheevo with only 10k varium.  So just if you're wondering, make it 2 packs of 10k.

And of course, the journey now begins:
What is rarity?
For those noobs out there, rarity is (no duh) how rare an item is.  There are four types of rarity:
1. Seasonal-Rare- Most common Rare, comes and goes with events.  All nonvarium seasonal rares have 550 Rarity Score.
2. Limited Rare- This item arrives in limited stock, so you better hurry!  The first limited-rares were the Charfade items.  There are currently only three nonvarium limited-rare weapons: Hero's Heart Set and Hero's Heart Broadsword.  On the low-level end, there's Charfade's sword.  The only limited-rare bikes are Bionic Bear Bike (free with ED Poster purchase) and Charfade's Cruiser.  Limited-rares can be restocked.
3. Rare- Classic rare.  These are not common enough for rare but not rare enough for Ultra-Rare, with is next up and father of all rares (just kidding).  Common examples are the Gamma Bike and Gamma Bot.  If something is rare, it will never come back.  Never.
4. Ultra-Rare- The rarest of all rares.  Just like the other Rare, these will never come back.  To be Ultra-Rare, the items were made at pretty much the dawn of EpicDuel (one exception, if you read my blog before this you know what it is).At the moment, there are five ultra-rares: Founder Armor, Alpha Daggers, Alpha Staff, Alpha Maul, and the Founder Bike.  These items have unfathomable rarity scores, probably well over two thousand five hundred each.

In terms of rarity score, Ultra-Rare > Rare > Limited Rare > Seasonal Rare

What is the point of gathering rare items?
Good question!  Besides the initial bragging rights, rare items have rarity score.  The rarity score of an item depends on level and cost.  There is a rarity score leaderboard where the top 15 treasure hoarders display their rarity score free of charge! (lol)  Once you reach 25,000 rarity score, you receive the Treasure Hunter achivement, worth 2582 rating points!  Plus, rare items usually have  *better looks.

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