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Monday, March 26, 2012

Is Life a game?

Hello guys.  I've got a lot to type about, so I'll get right down to EpicDuel Minecraft.  And there's a big thing at the end.

Time to remove the trees already...  Been there done that.  Guys, this is an outdated title.

So in Minecraft things were going as usual, me trying to mine and farm wheat (I forgot water the first five days until a friend told me :D).  And then I came out of my house dugout one bright (Minecraft) day...
I heard an arrow whiz past me.  No, more specifically, the arrow connected, and I lost a half heart.  (I was wearing full iron armor, minus the helmet.)  Panicking, I ran toward the mountains that surrounded my home, where I saw yet another Skeleton.  (This one did not sense my presence.)  Regaining sanity, I equipped the Bow and Arrow and quickly killed off the unsuspecting Skeleton.  I crept back toward my home, where the original one was, and climbed some more mountains.  Being the epic sniper I am, I killed the second Skeleton, too.
Before I go on, I should say that there is a cave near my house.  So I came back to near the entrance to obtain the drops, and two more arrows shot at me ( D: ).  I ran.  I pulled out my bow and shot two more creepy Skeletons in the mouth of the cave.
Well, I can say for sure that I'm prepared (sorta) now.  I started cutting down leaves all over the trees.  Hope this helps my situation.  But I always will be prepared to mess with a Skeleton (unless it is a Skeleton Jockey (oh noes)).

EpicDuel Design Notes: March 20, 2012

Don't worry, people.  I actually still have a (sort of) active account on ED.  Not like I'm gonna ditch it forever after I spent over $120 on the game.

So it now seems that Brachylagus and Capensis are challengeable.  Which I did, by the way.  Challenged both.  They have the same exact everything when it comes to battle.  Dull.  It turns out Capensis and Brachylagus both drop Emeralds.  I got Emeralds twice out of the five times I battled Brachylagus today.  2/5= 40% :D

Oh, and the new Mercenary buff?  It puts TLM in the trash.  The new skill is called Adrenaline, and as predicted by many, it replaces Blood Shield.  You don't really notice its usefulness unless if you're observant (me, sort of) or if you are a tank (nope, my build is for damage soaking).  So now TLM is a crappy class unless you think you can do the classic Multi build, with reroute worked in, or if you can use the Poison Grenade.

So I switched to Blood Mage from my Tech Mage.  A few reasons why:
1: The Rusted Assault Bot is Credit-only, leading to
2: Nonvariums can buy the Rusted version, thus leading to
3: The widespread use of the bot.  Which means:
4: Debuffs are crap.

Do you get it now?  My current blood mage build is strength, still getting used to no lightning bolt button.


PS: The Minecraft Journal is basically an account of what happened to me since last Saturday in Minecraft, but I changed a few things around.  For instance, wouldn't it be weird to die and then respawn?  I mean, c'mon!  Life is not a game!  I take that back.  There's a freaking game called Life.

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