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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Minecraft Journal- Twenty-Sixth Day

I wonder what happened to him? thought the Enderman as he turned the next page.
I lost everything except for this book today.  I was camping in the tundra when all of a sudden, I heard the sounds of wolves and chickens running.  But from what? 
Within a few seconds, I found out.  Coming my way was a stream of lava that light up the night, making it as bright as day.  It set fire to the trees and melted ice and snow, making it impossible for many animals to escape.  The stream of lava swallowed up all of my possessions except for this, which I always carry with me.  So I ran from the lava, and here I am in another valley.

Closer to home or further from home?  I can't tell, and now night is coming.


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