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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Minecraft Journal- Twenty-third Day

"What the heck is this?" asked one Enderman, showing a book to another.
"Obviously a book," replied the other Enderman, searching through a pile of items.  "Don't disturb me, I'm searching this guy's stuff."
"No, no.  There's writing in it."
"Are you sure it's not enchantments?"
"Don't we already know what enchantment books look like already?  I mean, the number of humans the Dragon kills..."
"Hmm, okay, fine."  The busy Enderman stopped his work and picked up the book.

I made this book today.  There's really nothing to do with it, to I took pencil to the paper here and I guess I'll start a journal.

I was out pig hunting today with my stone sword.  I got lost and as night approached, I panicked.  I ran everywhere through the night.  Luckily I have armor, even though it's only stone.  I made a temporary dugout and waited till morning.  I came out and I'm still searching for my house.  Wish me luck, Journal.


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