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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hissing sounds outside of my house D:

I've temporarily dropped ED for now as I move on to Minecraft.  I'll start from right now, working backward.  I've got something kind of scary to tell you.


Yeah, that's what's happening right now.  As I type this blog post, I can hear zombie groans and spider hisses somewhere near me.  Or maybe I messed up and there's a band of silverfish outside of my blocked-off underground mine.  (I was mining in a staircase format when I found a cave.  I poured a bucket of water down, dunno why.  :3 )  And there's the next scary part.  I can hear something tromping through the lake near my house.  Either that, or it's in my underground cave mine river.  (That supports my silverfish theory.)  I really don't know what to do.  I don't even have armor yet.

Earlier, I saw an Enderman as I made my daily (MC time) run to kill some pigs for pig meat.  I was like, WTF Endermen can survive in the light?  Later, as I was running back (it was getting dark), it started to rain.  I wonder what happened to the Enderman.


I restart Oblivion and start anew.  As darkness approaches, I quickly dig a dugout.  (Btw, that's my house.)  I start learning how to craft more things and I make a better life than last time (and I'm not using hacks or anything of that kind).  I download INVedit, the minecraft inventory editor.  It comes in handy for my Pig Factory, my temporary Survival Server.  (Lifespan: A few hours.)  Based off of a pig spawner trap video I saw on Youtube the day before, I try to recreate the trap.  Fail.  My pig cage becomes too crowded, so pigs start spawning outside of the cage walls.  Soon- Epic Lag from Sea of Pink.  My water becomes frozen (I was at an cold, icy place).  So I give up.
My second Pig Factory is no more successful, although I find my first NPC village.  The next day at school, one of my friends tells me I should have set fire to it ("It's fun.").


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