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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bring out the Blocks: A Mainly Minecrafted Post

 *NOTE* This is an old draft that I'm publishing today becuase it wouldn't fit in today's regular blog post.  This draft is about three days old.

Well, today I embarked on a legendary task in the world of Minecraft: to contain the zombies.  (I was playing the Pocket app.)
I came up with the idea when I finally got tired of Zombies ambushing me in the dead of night.  I couldn't see because I had no torches set up, and to torch the entire Minecraft world really would be something.  Plus, torches double as a horribly weak weapon.  (Hint: Ten torch strikes during the middle of night (zombies are not weakened by daylight yet) to kill a zombie, whereas five to a shovel, four to a pickaxe, and three to an axe.)
So I thought it would be just great if I could seclude a part of the Minecraft world with walls.  That fort would cover a place where zombies spawn.  I would patrol the top of the walls, looking out to see if there were any stragglers.  And when I felt like it, I could walk down from the top of the walls to ground level and massacre the zombies.  And for my amusement, I could dig a reaaaaaaaaaaly deep pool in the fort.  Then, when the zombies come for me, they fall into the pool and I watch as they splash, trying to get out.  In that case, I can kill the zombies while they are in the pool for my amusement.  
And I would be able to see, twenty-four seven.  How, you ask?  Well, I torch the walls of my fort (inside and outside optional, as in I feel like torching walls and getting chased by zombies outside of the comfort of my fort).  So, yeah.  Wouldn't that be nice?
I set to work on my great project.  I spent about ten minutes on the actual fort, then I moved on to bigger things.  Why, you ask (again)?
The zombies were coming across bodies of water.  Also, I *like to round up zombies and slaughter them*.  I like to jump zombies, not the other way around.  I was confident that if I *spent enough time*, I would finish... the Great Wall of Minecraft!
*Two hours later*
I give up.  And so that concludes my experience on Minecraft Pocket Edition (That was yesterday, to be exact.)
I learn a crapload of information from the Minecraft Wiki, my newly discovered best friend related to all things Minecraft.  Applying this to Minecraft, I first go onto my own private survival world, Oblivion.  (My private creative world is Azgard.)  The big discovery of the day (or was it?  Did I make that discovery earlier?) is an underground cavern, not man-made.  I go into it and randomly start mining with my bare fists.  (Yeah, way to go, but I don't know how to craft anything yet.)  I pick up some flint from a rock that turns out to be gravel.  Actually remembering something logical, I start looking for steel.  (Hello?  There is no such thing has steel ore.  Whoops.)  Later, I discover on the MC Wiki that it's iron I'm supposed to be looking for.  Oh.
Back to Oblivion.

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