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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bunny or Vendot? The choice is obvious :3


Enter the Bounty Hunter.

I've diverted all of my attention from my tech mage (ReconnaisX) to my bounty hunter (bountyhunter1225).  I've never really said anything about him prior to this post, so here goes.  One: the main reason why this account is unknown to you guys is that this account is the failure of an experiment.  Two: I learned a lot of things about EpicDuel using this account- weapon stats and money in particular.  Money.  A lack of money is what led to bountyhunter1225's downfall.  Three: This is the second account I created- the first was ReconnaisX.  Four: bountyhunter1225 eventually overtook ReconnaisX in terms of level.  But by level 26, he was all but dead.  I turned to Merc1225, then an account newly created.  ReconnaisX would be stuck at level 17 for a while, while I focused on Merc1225.  Five: Most of the time, I feel guilty about abandoning this account.  What followed was the creation of Soul Noob, a bounty hunter as well and a far better one.  (I applied my knowledge of EpicDuel to this one well, and a few over-the-top weapons helped as well, along with a great build.)

So that's it.  When I got on bountyhunter1225 a few days ago, he had a Holiday Cleaver and Carrierzooka.  That's it.  That's all.  So I sold both weapons and took advantage of the St Patrick's weapons.  I bought the Celtic Claws for this guy, and I started from the bottom up.  Today I got Headhunter SMG, and I plan to be working on getting Exile Soldier.
Doesn't he look great? :D

He was originally in a faction, the Band of Brothers.  The reason why I joined it was becuase that my friends were in that faction, too.
This is the only story of complete faction destruction that has ever come to me.  It all started when the faction leader and founder went inactive.  The officers followed suit.  (To this day, it's about 560 days inactive- and that was since they put up the inactive feature, so who really knows?)  The members went inactive, too, until it reached a dangerous point.
Me and my two friends were the only people left in the faction.  Eventually, my two friends quit EpicDuel, so *we all know what happens*.  I was the only surviving member of the Band of Brothers.
For a while, I stayed in my faction.  No faction would ever want to accept me, the Bounty Hunter at level 28 with only the Acolyte Blades.  This account was a reject.  I knew that my faction was doomed, and I stayed with it.
Until yesterday.  I had been thinking about this, so bountyhunter1225 left the Band of Brothers, thus making it an extinct faction.  I got on ReconnaisX and recruited bountyhunter1225 to the Gatekeepers.  And this is where he is now.

Wabbits! :3

I've been working on a short video called "The Search for the Wabbits".  It is about bountyhunter1225 going around Delta V to try to find the bunny wabbits, which have mysteriously disappeared from their cages in the Biodome.
Which leads me to
Yes, go watch it!


So I finally take a harder look at the free version of Minecraft (computer) and I realize a few things:
1) It is horrible.  Unfortunately I can't swipe my mom's credit card to upgrade (that's what one of my friends did)
2) The iPad free version looks cleaner and is easier to navigate.
3) I hate spiders.
4) I hate those skeletons with bows and arrows.
5) In survival, they set you out with no weapons?! MADNESS!

By the way, in the iPad version I managed to create a giant whirlpool in Survival with me standing in the middle (on some soil).  Night comes, the zombies come, and I get to watch as the zombies try to get me, only to fall into the whirlpool and never surface again.  (Once, I accidentally fell down from my soil spot.  I regret it.  I had to face twenty zombies.)

Oh, boy.  So tired.  Should post this and go to sleep.

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