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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Very Secret EpicDuel Mission

Well, guys, today I have set myself a bit of a lofty goal: I plan to collect three rare varium items on my tech mage.  To do this, I had to scrap my previous plan, which was as follows:
1. Get Bio Borg
2. Get Bionic Battlegear
3. Enhance Bionic Battlegear for 5 stats (varium)
4. Change class to Blood Mage (2k rating cheevo)

However, I discovered I am too loyal to my class, so here is my new plan:

1. Get Bio Borg
2. Get Bionic Battlegear
3. Get Celtic Cleaver

I think Step 3 is a sign of my oncoming madness, especially when the Frost Destroyer has better stats than the Celtic Cleaver.  I think it's the requirements of the Cleaver that set it apart.  Me and my playing with builds. -.-

Meh, wish me luck.

BTW: I happen to be losing a lot more on my TM.  Well, congrats to the ED team, they've evened up the Varium/Nonvarium gap.  There are two frontiers left: Armor and Auxiliary, with Gun coming in at a minor.

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