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Friday, April 27, 2012


They finally had a new release today for EpicDuel.  And they released a new promo.  And they had a huge rehaul of the ingame varium buying system.
^Yup, keys.  What are they?\

Well, that's the new system.  First, you select the package.  Better package, more keys.  Next, you use keys for additional bonuses.  (Yes, I know, 15k Creds+5 Keys=30k Creds if you select the right options.  Mindblowing.)  Next, you select your bonuses.  There's
  • the starter kit
  • 1k Credits
  • the veteran kit (lvls 11-15)
  • 2k Credits
  • the advanced kit (lvls 21-25)
  • 5k Credits
  • 8k Credits
  • (Seasonal) Bionic Battlegear+Bio Borg
  • 15k Credits
  • (Seasonal ULTRA-RARE?) Delta Armor
Yes.  About that last one.  I really do believe that Delta Armor should be downgraded to just plain old rare.  Ultra-rare should only be reserved for the Alpha weapons and the Founder Armor.  It represents the players who played EpicDuel back then, when it was not famous.  (Btw, I joined ED at the end of Beta.)  Adding the tag Ultra-Rare to that armor?  Pffffft.  The Delta Evolution isn't even over yet.

Gotta go write a new question in the ED forums.  Gotta go blow off this steam.

EDIT: Delta Knight must look great with the Delta weapons.

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