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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Technology Blood Mage vs. Strength Blood Mage

There's been a lot of talk lately on which is better- a strength Blood Mage or a technology Blood Mage?  Having experienced both builds, I could say strength but I'm not completely sure.  Lots of videos out there on Youtube about Str/Tech Blood Mage builds.


Strength Blood Mage
  • Great Fireball attack|requires high strength for real usefulness
  • Overall constant high stream of damage(primary and sidearm)|huge hole in defense and resistance
  • Able to preform a beat-down(constant high damage, resulting in trapping opponent into a corner)|one debuff or crit can easily undermine the beat-down
  • With decent Blood Lust, they only need mid-level health (80-90) because the high constant dmg output will restore more health| There is no con.
Technology Blood Mage
  • Can use an overpowered Plasma Cannon, followed by an equally oped Plasma Rain| hole in defense
  • Some builds have 110 Energy (2 PC, 1 PR)| Emp'ed (repeatedly) and it's game over
  • Can be modified to soak damage (110 health) |110 health and energy= need enhancements for tech= no awesome nonvarium tech bm
  • At a good level of blood lust, can restore tons of health first two turns| and then it's over

Very interesting debate, dontcha think?


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