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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back to Minecraft I go.

Well, guys, my internet is really hammering me.  It's so slow on the Speakeasy Speed Test my download speed is 0.02 mbps.  (Click on the link and find out what I mean by "slow".)  So, sigh.  I have turned back to Minecraft for entertainment.  But Minecraft did give me entertainment today and then some...

This spot was nonexistent for a week or so, but it's coming back (for now)!  Today I was working on my farm and riding pigs on one world.  But that's not what I'm gonna be telling you guys about today.  I made another world today, named "Boom!".  (Hint, hint.)  I was planning on making tunnels down, filling them with TNT, and then lighting the top TNT.  (I call 'em TNT tunnels.)  It's good fun.
So as I was digging down for my first TNT tunnel, I heard the sound of a mob.  But I was underground.  So...
I finished my tunnel, blew it up, and ran toward a natural (generated when the world was generated) cave.  These caves (if you haven't already discovered) are really fun to explore.  But this cave was about to bring a whole new level to fun.
It was a network of caves.  I entered that network through a tiny cave.  But in that cave, I found a zombie spawner.  Several caves later, I found a skeleton spawner.  These spawners, folks, are my very first wild-found ones.  And these caves are so fun to explore.
                               ^Does lapis lazuli actually have a use in Minecraft?
                               ^By the way, I freed the sheep.  And then I killed it.
                                ^Note that lava is just under the diamond ore.

A few words of advice to those daring explorers:

1. If you are in Survival, bring food.  These caves occasionally have Mushrooms, but that's about it.
2. Come in your best gear.  You really don't want to be entering one of these with a wooden sword and leather armor.
3. Bring torches.  Lots.  I use torches both as a light source and to mark my path in the caves.
4. Bring a bow and arrow.  Sometimes, melee is not an option.
5. If you are sure you have conquered a cave, you can go search for a new one by making a TNT tunnel (see above).  You can randomly encounter new caves, and the fun starts all over again.
6. Always be on your guard.  This is essential to survival.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you you never run out of food.


The bunny weapons are now gone.  (You can qq moar now, nub.  The April Fool's weapons are gone, too.) They brought some of the best non-varium gear ever.  Sniff.  And what came in last Friday's update?  Nothing noticeable.  The rarity tag on Delta Knight was changed from Seasonal-Rare to Rare.  And now, NPCs are able to deflect guns and auxiliaries.
This one caused a bit of controversy in the EpicDuel Forums.  I mean, now Titan and Caden, with their high tech, are able to deflect like heck.
All I can say?  No better, no worse.  And I'm still waiting for the Infernal Infiltration War.  (It was renamed.)

When I was playing ED today, I got matched up with John Menzies in a 2vs2.  This John Menzies ingame, a lvl 34 full varium tech mage, is one and the same as John Menzies on the ED Forums.  I think this guy is an adult.  After all, which teenager acutally uses his punctuation and capitals in battle chat?  He invited me to join his faction (The Exiled Legends).  I declined.  Sorry, bro.  In case if you didn't notice, I'm running my own faction here, and it's called Gatekeepers.

That's it guys!

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