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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Minecraft Journals- The Discovery

Nick yawned.  Here in the Nether, he could not go to sleep.  He would explode.  Eyes half open, Nick continued digging up.  He placed ladders along the way to help him stay up.
Blocks and blocks later, Nick dug right out of the Nether.  Facing rows and rows of bedrock, Nick could only wonder one thing.
"How did I get here?"
Bedrock is too hard for ordinary miners to get through.  Nick checked his inventory.  Stacks of netherrack.  A few iron tools.  Cooked porkchops.  A melon.  A couple of eggs.  That was it.  No bedrock.
Finding no explanation, Nick put up the ladders anyway climbed onto the top of the Nether.
Above him was the Void.  No being, human or otherwise, belonged there.  Nick had heard stories about the people who had tried to climb to the top of the world...None of them had ever come down.  Shivering, Nick wandered around the bedrock a bit before finding a red cover.  A few steps away, some pages.  A little later on, the back.
"A book?"
No doubt, it was a book.  Nick pulled out an egg and broke it.  He used the yolk to glue back the pages together.  Putting the cover in place, he read the title.  Journey by an Unknown.  Huh.  Too much excitement for one night.
Nick decided to sleep here.  Pulling out a bed and placing it on the bedrock, Nick lay down...
The bed did not explode.

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