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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wear builds like you wear clothes.

WARNING: Contains images.

Hello all.  I've got, more or less, three things to share with you.  One thing about Minecraft, though: I won't be blogging about it for a while.  After all, ED is my main game.

Site Improvements~~~
You may have noticed that I've changed the site a bit.  I've added a video corner where you can see my latest uploaded videos, a hit counter (haven't reached 600 yet and its been 4 months D: ), and a +1 button (I might as well add the like button).


The King's Curse

So today in math class, I was bored (as usual).  I had a picture of the Frost Slayer (which was unusual) and I took a good hard look at it.  And then, I drew this.  Yeah.  What do you think about it?

Exhausting Builds
Well, I never knew I could be so good at spending so many credits for different builds!  Example: Yesterday I retrained, using the Frost Slayer, which I had never used seriously before.  Now I have an OPed build. :D
And I made a Support build (during math class) which I really want to test.  All in all, I go through about 2 builds in a week, or one if I'm lucky.

Concerning the Other Dude
I know that Turtleboy hasn't posted recently.  The truth is, he isn't a blogger.  He doesn't like to write.  After all, I'm the one who got recommended to Honors English for next year and he's going to regular English.  But we're still good friends.  It does get a little annoying, though, as the following happens in the rest of the day after school:

turtleboy chats 4:30 pm
nothing else for about four minutes
(he's playing minecraft)
responds to my chat- 4:35
finds something really cool in minecraft
responds to my chat- 5:00
turtleboy chats "hi"
an hour later-
turtleboy chats "hi"- 6:00

It really does get annoying after a while.  It really does.


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