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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Knight Blade

Hey guys, I'm back.  I've found a great game good enough to break my vacation.  It's not an online game, it's one that you download (but not install).  The games make up the Knight Blade series, which actually serves as a trial for RPG Maker.  Now, you probably don't know what RPG Maker is.  Let's start at the basics.

What's RPG Maker?

First, the basics of the basics.  An RPG is a role-playing game, like the Knight Blade series.  An MMORPG is a massive multiplayer role-playing game, like EpicDuel and I think Runescape.  Not too sure about Minecraft on that one.
RPG Maker is a tool the game-making nerds complied so any noob who doesn't know what the word programming means can make *their very own (RPG) game*.  It's written in Ruby (I'm not gonna tell you about programming languages now), which is an actual programming language.  So making a game from scratch, pure code, now that could be called coding.  I prefer to say that anyone who uses RPG Maker to make *their own game* is merely someone who puts together the elements to make the game.  Just like the RPG Maker site advertises, you don't need programming experience.  But as a result, all RPG Maker games look relatively the same in terms of elements.
I've talked about one RPG Maker game on this blog before.  It's Ao Oni.  And no, I'm not gonna talk about Ao Oni today, my brain is geared on Knight Blade.

What's Knight Blade?

The series Knight Blade has two parts: The Survivor of the Hellhounds (that's not exact, if it's directly translated from Japanese it would be different) and Howling of Kerberos (the Japanese version is Kerberos and the English Cerberus, but I will use Kerberos instead of Cerberus), which chronologically occurs after the first.  I can't tell you a lot about the first, but I can tell you a lot about the second.  (I originally found the second game first, as it was properly translated to become the free demonstration of how RPG Maker works.  Finding the first game required a little more hunting, especially a translated version.)
Since I just started Knight Blade: The Survivor of the Hellhounds (today, to be precise) I'll just give you a little background info on the setting, plot, and characters.
NOTE: All information is as of the beginning of Howling of Kerberos (but you must remember I wrote this and I just started Survivor of the Hellhounds, so the info may not contain strictly SoH characters.  These are spoilers.  If you want to play the first game first (even though I think you should do HoK first and then SoH to find out a bit more about Cain before the events of HoK) don't read anything here.

*Begin Spoilers, Part One*

Grave Valley for the introduction/demo and Fort City.  Howling of Kerberos takes place in 2077, just after the fourth World War ends.
There is Cain's unnamed original village, and then Newcombe Village, which is not seen in HoK but mentioned.  Cain moves there after the events of SoH but before HoK.
Within Fort City is the Sewer network, the base of the NUN army's Sixth division, and Under City.  "Company" (as it is called in-game) is where Barry's HQ is.
The main character in both games is Cain Graywood.  He was originally from an unnamed village and loved a girl named Elice.  However, "the fighting" (4th World War) was getting "too close", so Cain signed up for the army.  If I go any further, I'll get into the storyline.
Rena Rayfield: She is from (I suppose) Newcombe Village.  She plays little to no role in HoK, but plays a greater role in SoH.  Her only involvement in HoK is when she sends an email, at the very beginning of the game.
Alice Nanotech: She is (I suppose again) from Newcombe Village as well.  She's skilled with technology (hence her name) and is somewhat involved in the later part of HoK.
Abel Clayman: This guy plays a major role in HoK and (probably) SoH as well.  He's the guy who's the plans.

*End Spoilers, Part One*
Sorry guys, there's a lot to type, and right now I'm kind of tired of blogging.  But one more thing- the links to download and play Knight Blade.
RTP (Run Time Package)- It's required to run all RPG Maker Games.  Scroll down and agree.
Knight Blade: Survivor of the Hell Hounds (English, Still in Beta)- I should thank the guy who translated this.  But one correction.  In the character text heads, Ray is the yellow haired guy.  Cain's hair is gray.  He mixed them up.  And you have to look very carefully for the file titled "Game" and not "game_jap".  That is the original Japanese version of the game.
Knight Blade: Howling of Kerberos



  1. You don't have the files you could upload elsewhere for Survivor of Hellhound, do you?

    A username and password are required to access the link you supplied.

    I loved Howling of Kerberos, and have been interested in playing the first one but I don't know Japanese :(

  2. Aw...Man...

    I can't Download it (KNight Blade - Survival of Hellhounds) :(

  3. Hey all. Sorry, but I can't do anything about the username and password on the Knight Blade files. And believe me, you are not missing much. The battle engines and such are still in Japanese.