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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Minecraft Journals- Day 55

Nick woke up the following day and stared up into the starry darkness above him.  He pulled out the book he had found last night.  Might as well find something to do.  He began to read.
It was a few hours later when Nick finally reached the next entry after Day 50.  His stomach growled.

Hi Journal,
Nothing special going on.  Just another day, you know?

Dog 1 seems to like to fight.  He always comes with me on my hunting trips.  It always feels better to be fighting with a friend.
Dogs 2 through 5 always guard my little house.  They protect it while I'm hunting.
Dog 6 is a great sleeper.  He only comes out of the wolfhouse for food.
Dog 7 likes to dig holes.  She has already constructed a wolf-size dugout that I can't go into.
Dog 8 is the young wolf who's very playful.  She likes to run around my house.

Speaking of Dog 7, yesterday she uncovered the rest of the black rock.  It's in a perfect wall shape, with a two by three hole near the middle.  I wonder if the wall surrounded a fallen civilization, protecting the inhabitants day and night.  I wonder if the intruders of the civilization invaded through that hole in the rock.  I do wonder, Journal.  I do wonder.

I cannot wonder now, however.  My wheat is golden and ready for harvesting.  I'll share some of the bread with Dog 7.  Something tells me she deserves it.

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