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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Introducing... EpicDuel short stories!

Hey guys.  Did you see the Picture day post yet? =)
Anyway, I'm gonna be officially introducing a new line of short stories... those revolved around EpicDuel and Delta V!
Much of my content will draw from the sagas and wars.  EpicDuel is easier material to work with than Minecraft (The Minecraft Journals- just published Day 55), although it has to adhere to certain storyline requirements.  If you want downloadable short stories, I have a few Word versions of some stories, not all.  Here's the main site with the download links:
Hope you enjoy them!

PS: Tell me if you think I'm acting a bit too happy here.  I'm usually not like this, it's just that I will get to finish who knows how many ED shorts I started.  And by the way, I know RuneScape has an even better storyline (I mean, the Mahjarrat...)  It's just that right now I'm not playing RS.
PPS: Concerning the first ED short I will publish: I started it last December.  I stopped work on it in January.  So yeah, it's kind of outdated.

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