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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voyage to the Lost Land- Prologue

The tech mage stared out from the spaceship. His unseeing eyes put together the scene he would have seen.
Have they figured it out yet? he wondered. Maybe I should have put a clearer message. But it’s too late now. The inhabitants of Delta V would have to figure it out no matter what.

The old man was suddenly pushed back. He did not see the guard coming. Almost instinctively, the image began forming in his mind. Tan armor, with darker accents. That ubiquitous gray helmet that seemed to rest atop the heads of all the heavy guards on the ship. And- that… wideness. Heavy guards were called heavy guards for a reason.
“Hey.” A gruff voice jerked the mage from this thoughts. “You. Yes, you, you stupid old man. Come with me.”
I wonder why? the mage thought. They couldn’t possibly have figured out-
“Oh, and if you’re wondering,” the guard said, completing his thought, “Administrator Descarl thinks you’re a traitor.”
“Faster! Faster!” the yell echoed throughout the tunnels. “Come on, you dogs!”
“Slavery, that’s what this is,” one man muttered to his best friend. “Slavery.” Their picks hacked away at the rock. Bits of rock flew around their faces. Sweat dripped down and hit the rock, trickling until it hit the little pool on the ground.
“Varium! Yes!” The miner next to them stopped. Sure enough, the sky-blue veins showed through the light brown rock. When was the last time I had even seen the sky?
“What? Varium? Where?” A Shadow Guard pushed his way through the growing crowd. He inspected it closely, and drew himself up to full height again. “Very well,” he told the lucky miner. “Double shower time and extra food.” Leaving the miner alone, the miner continued to chip away at the Varium rock and soon left for a bathroom break.
“This could be worse,” the man’s friend said. Yeah. Right. 
“Tell me how,” the man replied with clenched teeth. Something caught his eye. A Varium- encrusted note. Seeing as the miner of that spot was still away, he quickly pulled the letter out and began to read it.
Citizens of Delta V, it comes to my attention…

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