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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Annoying Zombies

Hello again.  ReconnaisX here.  I don't think I'm gonna rant this time.

~MQ~The Mecha That Be

As it is, MechQuest is still an entirely new game to my blog, although it's about four years old.  For all the people that don't play MQ (and know WoW), here is a noob's guide to the galaxy to the basic basics of MechQuest.
The games revolves around three-story tall robots called Mechs (or Mecha- don't ask me about singular or plural forms of the word).  Akin to Assault Gears in Knight Blade, Mechs are these robots that a person can climb into and pilot.  There are four basic aspects of a Mech that all MQ noobs should know:

1. HP- Hitpoints.  I feel like if you're reading this blog, there's no need to explain.
2. EP- Energy Points.  Sorta of like Energy or Mana or MP in other games.  It is the source of all special attacks (and heals) in most games.  However, in MechQuest, think that the mech has a battery that powers it.  When it attacks, it uses up EP.  So in MQ, EP is like an energy reserve, not just for special moves, for any attack.
3. Regen- Short for Energy Point Regeneration Rate.  After a Mech attacks (and its turn is over) it regains some energy.  The energy, of course, doesn't fully make up for the energy lost attacking.  The only way that could happen is that if you paired up a low-level weapon (that requires less energy) with a high-leveled mecha (that regenerates more energy).
4. Weapons- A Mecha has, at most, six different weapon slots.  Front Arm, Back Arm, Front Shoulder, Back Shoulder, Head, and Body.  This section should have its own post.  So more later.

That's all I feel like typing at the moment, as I haven't been on EpicDuel or Minecraft all weekend.

-In Other News-
I will stop the VTLL stories for now.  Too much effort.


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