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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blood Commander: Useless or Useful?

 Blood Commander                    
^Creative name much.                        
Two weeks ago, the skill Blood Commander was released for the Mercenary Class.  It works exactly the same as Field Commander, with a small change: Blood Commander allows the target to have a temporary mini Blood Lust effect.  Even though TLM has Field Commander as well, at the moment, it's "balanced" (I mean, it is, but really, poision TLMs are way too popular).In this post, I will explore the skill and its limits.

First things first: the energy cost of the skill.  Like I said before, the energy cost of Blood Commander is exactly the same as Field Commander: 11, step 1 (aka 11 energy at level 1, at level 2 it's 12 energy, 3, 13, and so on).  This secures the fact that the only advantage Blood Commander has over Field is that there is health regain.  In turn, this shows that BC is a buff to Mercenaries to help them out over their UPedness, although it is a small buff.

Now for the rate of regain.  I vaguely remember a few days before the release on the ED Forums, someone was complaining about how BC would make mercs OPed (oh, sorry, I should have known it was Hun King- he wants every other class to be UPed except for Blood Mage, which should be OPed in his opinion).  Well, even fully maxed Blood Commander does not compare to a maxed Blood Lust.  (I shall go complain on the forums for that, because I speak for the semi-varium mercenaries)  The rate of health regain at level 1 Blood Commander is 5%.  Ha.  Meanwhile, max BC is 15%.  You can guess that for every level, BC health regain rate goes up 1%, making it still essentially useless.  I mean, it lasts for 4 turns, and the health regain is incredibly low.  Since it's only there for 4 turns, I say a max BC should be 25%, but that might lead to Strength Mercenaries (remember, remember, the initial release of the Cyber Shillelagh- Str Mercs everywhere).  What about 20%?

The release of Blood Commander has brought new attention to strength builds.  A few more are popping up- however, no one has hit a great build that deserves to be copied.  As it is, the tank merc is still the best build available for the majority of the mercenary population.

So- meh.  Go on like nothing happened.  If you used a successful str merc before this, rejoice at *the tiny rate of regain but who cares, it's a buff*.  If you had a successful tank of any sort, go on.  BC isn't exactly the savior of the Mercenaries.  But I might not make my merc change to TLM- it looks like the devs are experimenting with the Mercenary, and I want to stay to watch.

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