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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Return to the Robots

Just another Friday, you know.

~EpicDuel~ Delta 1.4.5c
Yawn.  Just new missions with today's release (and one NPC that doesn't really count).
^Say hi.  (At the moment, it can only enhance.)

But I can give you a little info on them.
There are two new mission chains this week- Mama's Feast and the main storyline missions.'s Feast

Where to start: Brunson
Recommended Level: All
Enemies to defeat: Junker (he always gets pushed around)
Difficulty- 0/5  (That is to say, the easiest mission chain ever.  Got through it in 5 minutes.)
Rewards: Battle Tokens, Credits, Achievement (worth 500 rating points- what can I say, this chain is for low levels as well)

 Infernal Infiltration Storyline Missions, Part 2

Where to start: Brunson Mirv (My bad.)
Recommended Level: I think mid-twenties.
Enemies to defeat: Talia, Anya, Selina (be prepared), Big Tuna (if you feel like a challenge), other random players
Difficulty- 1/5 (IMO, that is.)
Rewards: Last I checked, it was credits.  But I think there's more.

~MechQuest~ I Come Back to MQ

As you may already know, Artix Entertainment has a variety of games with the AE tag on it.  EpicDuel is just one of them (and it was created by Epic Inventions LLC- AE bought it).  The other (six, I think) AE games are mostly RPGs (with a few exceptions- PvP, that is, Pony vs Pony).  I've tried nearly all of the AE games, like:
DragonFable (started at 7, stopped about two years ago, don't ask why)
AdventureQuest (the graphics are horrible, I could draw better)
MechQuest (I like robots)
AdventureQuest Worlds (I consider it a seasonal game, besides, it's a fashion parade)
WarpForce (Just like AQ)
HeroSmash (What were they thinking on that one?)
PonyVsPony (Brilliant time-killer)

This section of my post is just to inform you that I've come back to MQ.  Enough said.


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