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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Voyage to the Lost Land- Flag Captured

A few words from ReconnaisX here-
I started VTLL during the Frysteland War.  Merc1225 is the main character of the story, and back then he was still in "noob mode"- Level 30, no varium.  And the flag capture in this story actually happened.  We fell at 325 flag captures, though.  Plus, Blood Shield was with Mercenaries back then in December.  This is the (mostly) unedited version.
PS: Why does this post have indents in it?  I dunno, it's what happens when you copy from Microsoft Word.
                Merc1225 walked around the faction headquarters.  Again.  Again and again.  Something was on his mind, something strange he dared not to speak about.
                The fresh smell of the earth.  Mountains overlooking a valley.  Wildlife throughout the forest.  But the unmistakable smell of something tainting this part of the land.  Merc1225 reconsidered his dream.
                Aw, forget it.  What’s the chance this dream means anything?  I’m not a prophet or anything.  I’ve been reading too many fantasy stories.  Maybe do a battle or something right now.  Get my mind off this.  However, Merc1225 was a curious person.
                He sighed.  After a while, he decided to check the list of members in XXX All Stars, his faction, seeing as how he was at the headquarters:
                Mhmmmm.  Faye’s still active, still under level twenty, Gohan’s been inactive, so I’m top officer now?  Interesting.  The rest of the officers, still active, and the members, not active.  He paused for a moment.  Who was Sekhmet X?  He waved the matter away.  Whatever.  New members always come in.  Merc1225 decided to do a 2vs2 and teleported to a cyber-themed battlefield, where he waited for other combatants to arrive.
                One by one, people arrived for battle.  A Level 31, same as me.  A Level 28, looks noobish.   Level 34, now there's someone!  Luckily, he's not varium...  The battle commenced.  Merc1225 was paired up with the other level 31 and the level 28 was paired up with the level 34.
The 28, a tech mage, went first.  He ran over to Merc1225 and raised the back of his staff, ready to send it plunging down.  Miss, Merc1225 thought as he stepped back and the staff attacked the air.  Merc1225's partner, another mercenary, went after the tech mage, pulling out the handy Bunker Buster and nearly blowing the tech mage to death.  As the mage knelt on the ground, panting and gasping for air, his partner decided to heal him.  In a flash, the level 28 was up again, with a look of fierce determination in his eyes.   "Not today, bro," Merc1225 said.  He loaded his Carrierzooka and fired it, landing a critical and knocking out the mage.
It was the level 34's, a cyber hunter's, turn.  "Stupid noob partner," he muttered as he summoned some energy and malfunctioned Merc1225's partner.
"Wasted," Merc1225's partner activated his Blood Shield, increasing his resistance by 15 and nullifying the malfunction at the cost of 15 health.  However, it was a small price to pay.   It was Merc1225's turn next.  He took out his two-way radio and pointed Mjolnir at  the cyber hunter.  Missles flew at the hunter as a plane overhead let loose.   Coughing, the cyber hunter struggled to his feet, but a final missle sent him flying backward.  Getting up, the cyber hunter raged.  He kicked Merc1225 in the knee, dealing 10 points of damage, and slashed with his wrist blades again and again, totaling 33 damage in all.  Merc1225 thought it was over and started to get up, but the hunter aimed his final blow at Merc1225's head.  The level 34 cooled down and went back to his battle position.  Merc1225 couldn't get up.
"Need help?" his partner asked.
"Nah,"Merc1225 responded.   "Just do me a favor and blow him up, 'kay?"
"Okay."  His partner took out his Bunker Buster and blew the cyber hunter away.  When the smoke cleared, the cyber hunter was facedown on the floor.
             "W00T!" Merc1225 shouted before he left the battlefield.

After a while, Merc1225 arrived back at the faction headquarters.  The place was practically alive and couldn't be more different than the place it usually was.  Intrigued, Merc1225 walked into the building and went up to the roof, where all the sound seemed to be coming from.   One person was running around repeatedly yelling "YES!" like he was high.  Too much coffee, Merc1225 thought.  Another was jumping up and down on the Satellite Destroyer.  Those were my credits, not yours, Merc1225 thought.
"SO, GUYS!"  Merc1225 had meant to startle them.  He did, and a pretty good job at that.  Two guys dropped their drinks, spilling Coke on the floor, and the person on the satellite fell down.  "What have you been doing here?"
"Don't tell on us.  Please?"  Merc1225 thought about it.
"She won't even care," he said, meaning Faye.   "But this isn't a party faction.  Why the cheer?"

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