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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Excellent Hybrid Strength Build.

The Infernal Slayer sword is (hopefully) still in stock, right?  Probably clocking in at less than 500 now.  I've given up my quest to obtain the sword.  Oh well.  Anyhow, there are more important things to share.

It's a Hybrid!

On Friday, I formulated a new build, designed to help me get my 14,000 credits faster.  It's not a typical blood mage build (strength or technology- honestly, do you guys ever think of your own instead of build copying?).  But I think of my own builds.  This new build (predictably on my blood mage) is a strength hybrid.  What sets it apart from other blood mage builds (and all other builds) is that this build utilizes the Frost Slayer.
Now, Frost Slayer is not very exciting.  At the time of its release, only a few people wielded it, and many more discovered the fact that the Frost Destroyer was much more useful, being a class-specific mutating weapon.  Needless to say, the Frost Slayer was not bought in-game much.  I obtained the Frost Slayer through my first $50 Varium package promotion, the only time I would use my own money for Varium.  Like others, I chose to utilize Frost Destroyer.  So the Frost Slayer was left collecting dust in my inventory.  It was one of the few weapons I had first but enhanced last.  That was how important it was to me.
But I am creative with builds, and I like to use every weapon I have, as it allows for diverse builds.  The few other times I had used Frost Slayer, it had ended up horribly, not because of the sword, but because of me.  (Like a true Blood Mage,) I had used to Frost Slayer in a Strength build- no hybrids allowed.  And since at the time, Delta Knight was not released, I was stuck with Beast Master P M, without split defenses.  And, if you can remember, Beast Master offered a +8 boost to support, which was rather useless in a strength build.  My Primary damage triumphed at 26-32+35, but I was left with a low Dexterity and Technology.  If you remember how Dexterity affects one's likelihood to attack with a primary and block, and how Technology affects one's likelihood to deflect and be deflected, you can be sure how I came off in those deals.  That build was awful.
So, how the build works?  The cornerstone of the build is probably either Bludgeon or Blood Lust.  (I still freak out when a Pyro Fly takes out my Level 5 Field Medic.)  I just attack (mainly with primary, thus the dexterity) with the Frost Slayer most of the time.  I usually rage with my gun unless if my enemy has an usually high dexterity (looking at 30-36+5+1+11, tank TLMs).  If I see low health, I will try for a fast kill with my Level 8 Bludgeon (49% more damage).  Through the whole battle, Blood Lust really helps me out.  Reflex Boost, which should be in most BM builds, can be very useful for energy regain.  If I'm taking heavy damage that refuses to stop, be it physical or energy, I put on Reflex Boost.  Besides the small addition to my defense (26-32 -> 31-38) the energy regain is very helpful.
Now, like most other builds, this one has a failed prototype, which I have stored in the Closet of Useless Builds.  (I threw away the key.)  That failed prototype used high health (140).  Besides that great agility *boost*, my Strength was kind of looking on the low side.  I also didn't realize that Deadly Aim is very useful to Blood Mages, just as useful as Support is to BMs (which is to say, none- unless you have seen my other BM builds).  So I would march into battle with a +4 bonus on  my Carrot Impaler.  Ha.
Now, my Carrot Impaler is better off, with a +6.  My Strength-relying weapons are better now, with a 19-23 compared to an 18-22.  (I know, big difference.)  I have discovered that having Level 8 Intimidate with 24 Support is a big no-no.  (It was in my prototype.)  Now, I have 28 Support, great for Level 3 Deadly Aim, which increases the gun bonus to 6.
So, yeah


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