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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Minecraft Journals- Day 56

Nick chomped on a cooked porkchop he had brought along to the Nether, turning the page.
It's raining.
While I was planting seeds today, the sky visibly darkened.  Anyhow, I continued to plant until the first drops of rain hit my nose.  Putting the sack of seeds and the hoe to the side for another day, I rushed back in the house. 
Not all of the dogs would follow me.  Dogs 1 through 5 seem to be convinced that in this dark light, monsters will spawn, and someone must protect the house.  I hope they're okay.  Dog 7 is guarding her dugout so no monsters will hide there.  Dog 6 is managing to sleep on my bed, even through all of this rain.  Dog 8 is in my lap now, whimpering.  I shouldn't think about this now.  I'm going to feed Dogs 6 and 8.
Was that thunder?
Closing the book, Nick suddenly remembered that he had to leave the Nether.  This world was taking a toll on him- he longed for a drink of fresh water.  Standing up, he brushed the netherrack dust off of him and started to make preparations.
The Ghast was on the horizon.

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