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Saturday, May 26, 2012

EpicDuel- Delta 1.4.5b

Hello, people.  ReconnaisX here, ranting to you informing you about last Friday's release, which in my opinion, seems really chock-full.  Well then...

What Changed? (The Short List)
1. Memorial Day Achievement added, worth 1500 rating points, obtainable at any cheevo vendor
2. Infernal Slayer Sword- Lvl 35 weapon, 9 enhance slots, 30 stat mods (Originally 1500 in stock, will not be replaced, as of the time of posting the stock quantity is around 750)
3. Infernal Slayer Achievement added, worth 1450 rating points, obtainable with purchase of Infernal Slayer sword
4. Mercenaries' Field Commander replaced with Blood Commander
5. Silas Auer added as NPC
6. Level cap will rise during Infernal Infiltration War
7. Refinery added
8. Inventory slot cap raised to 150

Heroic Memorial< Memorial Day cheevo.  Worth 1500 Rating Points, costs 1500 Battle Tokens.
That there's a shiny sword!< Infernal Slayer Sword. 
  • +36 Damage
  • 9 Enhancement Slots 
  • No Special Effect (aww, man)
  • +6 Strength
  • +9 Dexterity
  • +9 Technology
  • +6 Support
  • 1500 stocked, will not be restocked

Infernal Cheevo!< Infernal Slayer Achievement, obtainable only with purchase of Infernal Slayer Sword.  Worth 1450 Rating Points.
Infernal Mines
^The Refinery.  In the center is Silas.  At the moment you cannot go deeper into the refinery.
Blood Commander< The Blood Commander Skill.  

You might be wondering why I'm not sharing my opinions on this release (Yes, I have lots).  This is to inform, like I said at the top.  My opinions will (hopefully) shortly follow.

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