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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Even though the title says otherwise, I'm not feeling very mean right now, just frustrated.

~ED~ What kind of a release is this?

Doesn't ED release every Friday (on occasion, Saturday)?  When I went back to ED to look for any signs of a new update, I didn't find anything.  However, there was a party going on at the Design Notes.  I checked the DNs (Woah Titan and NW posted)...

1.4.5d Patch Part Two shows up first.  Oh, so it was a patch.  Pity.  Next...  Infernal Weapons Explained, written by Nightwraith.  That was a good post, especially the pictures (Nice work Disturbed).  If the red weapons represent the Legion shop and the blue Exile, I've got to say that in my opinion, the Exile weapons look wayyy better than the Legion ones.  Or maybe it's just my alignment loyalty messing with me again.

^ Bit of an oversized axe you got there.

Next is some more patch notes from Titan (who else does the boring work?).  And that is all that is new for me.  One more thing...

Yeah.  That huge weapon to the left.  It's EpicDuel's newest promotion.  (Rx for Destruction discussion thread here)  To get this strange-looking (purple!) club, you have to get either get a CVS gift card or an AE Upgrade card (from CVS I think). (Right now, there's a bit of confusion on whether it's a CVS gift card or an AE upgrade card, so don't get that card just yet.)  I posted on the thread asking about the stat requirements, because the stat placement is bad enough.  (Hint, hint: Infernal Slayer, Frost Destroyer, that kind of thing.)  I'm still holding on to the hope that since it's a promo that's not at the level cap, it's not gonna have any requirements...

~MQ~ Boring Farming, and what I waste my Credits on

Now, this MQ farming is the reason for the title (refer to above).  I'm farming because I want to get the Nether Hover.  I really hope it's not a useless mech because I've already sold two recently bought mechs because they were boring.  The first was the Supreme Master mecha, from Yokai.  In terms of damage output, it's great, but really, one attack...  I know in the description it says "unchooseable randomized attack cycle", but really?  Three attacks?  I sold it about an hour after I bought it.  280,000 credits gone (Level 28 version).
The next victim was my Advanced Wolf V2.  It was the first Advanced house mech I had ever gotten.  And compared to my other mecha these days, it's horrible.  (But then, House Mecha always get left behind, even two years ago.)  I sold it for a fraction of the original price (33,900 Credits as to 339,000 Credits).

Sorry for ending abruptly, although this is a (you guessed it) a draft post from yesterday.  Today, I've (hopefully) got another post coming on the Rx for Destruction.

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