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Saturday, June 9, 2012

All Hyped Up. Thanks, EpicDuel.

As promised, this is my new review of the Rx for Destruction, mainly because I discovered the stat requirements for the weapon, which can really be a review-changer.
So here's all the small, tiny details for the Rx for Destruction.  First- how to get it?  Well, apparently you have to buy an Artix Entertainment Upgrade Card from any CVS pharmacy store (in the US.  Sorry, everyone else.  But I can't do this either- kind of hard convincing my mom to spend money to buy me a virtual purple axe, heh.)
Anyhow, I don't want to talk about the overly boring stats, so I will re-use a picture:
^In-game image.
Contrary to what many people might think, this weapon is classified as a Sword (even though Mercenaries could really use the help).  What's great about this weapon is the damage-to-level ratio (finally, not 1:1)  Sadly, the devs failed to mention the weapon requirements, which are really low.  On the other hand, I now have the requirements!
Level 32 (mentioned above)
30 Strength
32 Dexterity
30 Technology
These stat requirements are pretty good, considering the level (but don't forget to add in that it's technically a Varium weapon :P )  Tanks who are not at the level cap yet can find this weapon to be useful (because it doesn't need Support).  Really, it's not advisable to make a Support build with this sword.  Yes, I know it has six points of Support, but that's only to keep up the "balanced" image (they should put requirements in all four stats to really make it balanced).  However, if I ever get this weapon, I have different plans for it.

About three weeks ago, I saw Ninjus (do you know him?).  I've seen him try out many builds in the past, and most of them actually work and best of all, he's not a build copier.  When I saw him this time, he happened to have a high-health build (211 Health) that used the then-newly released Infernal Slayer.  To counter the (-8) agility factor, he had max Hybrid Armor (naturally, it's pretty much crucial to survival) and the Delta Knight armor.  So the point of agility was defeated, and Ninjus emerged triumphant (I forgot to say that it was a hybrid of high health and strength).  Me and another guy saw this build, and we tried to replicate it.  Nope.  No success.  It just doesn't work for Blood Mages.  However, if you are a Mercenary with Delta Knight and Hybrid Armor, this build could be for you!  (No, not trying to advertise here.)  If you happened to miss the Infernal Slayer sword, this could be a possible alternative, due to the stat placement and the stat requirements, which are incredibly similar.  Just brush off the fact that it's a physical weapon.

Wow.  I really want this sword.

And one more thing.  I missed two new NPCs yesterday, the Exile and Legion Footsoldiers.                     ~ReconnaisX

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