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Friday, June 29, 2012

Giant Ravines. Like Giant Ravines.

Hello.  It's seemed like an eternity since I've posted anything, but I just learned that it's only four days.  Well, I now move from the depressing topic of Soul Noob (refer to below post) to something more generally exciting: Minecraft, of course!  What other Java game gives you sweaty hands as you try to navigate a cave without falling into the who-knows-how-deep ravine?  Mix in the creeper following you, and then you're sure to have disaster, death, doom, etc. lots of fun!
Following my new discovery of Peaceful mode (I know, it took me a while), I have returned to Survival (this time in Peaceful- I know, I'm a wimp).  This difficulty mode is very good for people who have just started playing Minecraft, as all those zombies can really ruin your good old noob days.  It despawns hostile mobs, meaning that you are more or less free to run around.  Also, health regenerates (but not that fast- watch out for those notorious lava pools), perfecting the peaceful experience.  It allows players to learn that Minecraft is more than just killing mobs.  Therefore, /highly recommended for noobs/.
On my new (Peaceful) world, I've done a lot, as well as unlocking that achievement that everyone wants- DIAMONDS!  Yes, I have legitimately (meaning no InvEdit) found diamond ore and successfully mined it with an iron pickaxe!  (However, I only found one block of ore.  I imagine that when the world was created, there was more diamond in that vein, but it was cleared by the cave which happened to spawn there as well.  Stupid cave.)
There's a lot getting done down there in that cave I bumped into while mining in a staircase fashion, including
1) Trapping a sheep (Wheat lure!) in a pit- I harvest its Wool every so often.
2) Falling from my main platform straight into the ravine (I didn't die).
3) Installation of a new "base" (furnance, chest, crafting table- all of the essentials) at the place where I bumped into the cave
4) Installation of another base way below (in the ravine- all about convenience)
5) Using water to turn lava pools into obsidian pits (don't dig one block deeper)
6) Getting lost
7) Gravel mining- pointless but fun

By the way, the Infernal Infiltration War is going to released tomorrow in EpicDuel... /excited/

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